Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Curtis Rampersad of the Express has an interesting front page story in the Wednesday edition titled "FREE CARS, Vehicle firms offer Govt summit VIP deal".
Basically, according to Phillip Knaggs of the Automobile Dealers Association, the government should allow the dealers to bring in the 200 luxury vehicles minus all duties and taxes, have free use of the vehicles during the two international summits next year, and the vehicles would be handed back to the dealers once the conferences are concluded.
The most interesting part of the entire story is in paragraphs 10 & 11: "This seemed like one of the best approaches, (Mr Knaggs) said, adding that this option would save taxpayers' dollars and would cost the State nothing.
"He suggested that it would also reduce overall State expenditure to host the conferences."

How kind of Mr Knaggs and his cohorts to consider trying to save the taxpayers of the country when in fact taxpayers have nothing to gain and he and his buddies have everything to gain. Not only are they suggesting that they bring in the vehicles for free, but that they should also be allowed to turn around and sell the vehicles for a profit. So where's the benefit there for the large majority of the nation's taxpayers?

Curtis wrote: "Generally, these vehicles retail for about $700,000 to $750,000 but without the taxes and duties, this could come down by more than 40 per cent (or $300,000), it was learned.
"Sources said yesterday lease and sale proposals for 200 vehicles could still total between $50 million and $100 million."
Meaning bigger bucks for the dealers. Curtis that story deserves a great big Steups!