Monday, December 31, 2007


Camille Clarke's opening sentence on the story of the man found murdered at Maracas: "RELATIVES of a fisherman found dead yesterday at Maracas Bay is calling for his attackers to be brought to justice."
Your reader's editor sneaked off early?


The Guardian is first past the post with its web edition of the New Year's day paper.
There's no byline for the feature on Carnival events (, but we were wondering how come there's not one single reference to any Carnival activities or events in Tobago?
We see events in Port of Spain, St James, Belmont, Maraval, Arima and even Point Fortin. But nothing at all about Tobago.
What's up with that? Will anyone take the opportunity to rectify that?


PS TV6 when are you showing your Year in Review?
It's usually right after the 7pm newscast on New Year's Eve, but as far as Media Watch is aware, you were showing a movie at that time.


We at Media Watch resolve to keep up the heat under all members of the media in 2008, and turn it up even more under some of you (you know yourselves).

We would like to say to those of you who have done good work this year, keep it up, and there's always room for improvement.
And for those of you who think you are the hottest thing since sliced bread, sorry to burst your bubble, but you are only as good as your last newscast.

Professional pride should always be your watch words, whether you are writing a script, shooting video, editing someone else's work, or presenting someone else's script.
See you in 2008.


Karen of TV6, your single story on Eric Williams at 7pm spawned into three stories for the 10pm newscast.

The first was an outline of the judgement and Mr Williams' initial reaction (you interviewed him at his home).
Then we had a looong recap of the history of the case from Sasha Mohammed, which overshadowed your lead story.
Then finally we had another piece from you with Mr Williams' mother recounting her experience throughout the case (she was sitting right next to her son during his interview).
So whose idea was it to go to all those lengths? We can understand the initial reaction and the history of the case, but why couldn't his mother's reactions been woven into your initial story?
At least the 10pm lead story came to us MINUS all those red, white and blue graphics which were so distracting and unnecessary at 7pm.

In Sasha's epic, there were some discrepancies in the script and video. She said Mr Williams' mother accompanied him to every court appearance, yet we saw them both sitting on their verandah. Where were the file shots of them going to court?
Then she said he was relegated to the back benches of parliament and he did not make any contributions, yet we saw a long shot of him (talking head) standing and making a contribution in the parliament. You need to write to your pictures.

And finally Sharmilla Persad, burglaries was still spelled wrong at 10pm in your story on crime statistics, and the graphics were still too small and too many.


"...anudder brudder...", "pole-leece", "...drinking whole night".
Any idea who the culprit is?

And here's how he ended his package on the man who was murdered on the beach:

VIDEO: Shot of man's body being wheeled into the undertaker's van.
SCRIPT: For Cable News Channel 3, I am Samuel McKnight wishing you a bright and prosperous 2008.

BIG SIGH! Tomorrow is a new year and our wish is for Sammy to be put on a long probation until his voice work improves.


Sampson much too much white make up for your stint as 9:30pm news presenter on CNC 3.
Wipe your face. Please.


Cherise D'Abadie of TV6 had the night off. Guess she's heading off to a New Year's Eve bash.
Speaking of which, C News how come your newscast ended at 7:50pm? All your staff heading off to party as well so you had to cut short the newscast?


Sharmilla Persad of TV6 you had so many tiny graphics in that story on the crime statistics that you neglected to check them properly. What are "Burgularies"?
How do you expect your viewers to read all those stats when they are up on the screen for such a short time, and are so tiny?


TV6 and CNC led with the Eric Williams story, while C News led with a murder.


Karen Cozier Phillip at TV6, you looked stiff on the green screen at the start of that story on Eric Williams. However we liked the wide smile, and you should get some more practice reading the teleprompter.
And why all those red, white and blue graphics across the entire story? At one point the graphic covered half of Mr Williams' face while he was speaking.


Sham G. Mohammed you look and sound stiff on the IE News.


Sheldon Yearwood of Gayelle, that's an interesting story on the woman who makes craft out of plastic bottles and coconut shells.
But halfway through the story, the audio went all the way down for about a minute, then came all the way back up.


CNC chose as their next best morning show of the year "07 General Elections: Setting The Agenda" with guests Wade Mark, Gerald Yetming and John Rahael, and again hosted by Cordielle and Keith.


Still no video from C News at 7:30am for their news stories, just audio. Why use those stories if there is a problem?


Now CNC has changed the bar at the bottom of the screen on the Early Morning Show to "Three Party Debate", with the same guests, but at least now they have stuck in a very tiny "Pre-recorded" on the bottom left of the screen.


Sophia thanks for putting on some make up for the 7am headlines, but your camera is a bit too high so you have to look way up from your scripts, but your hair is in your face and is distracting you and the viewer.


CNC 3, you've now changed the topic bar on your show to "Leadership and Governance", and we are still seeing the episode with the three politicians and the host who is no longer there.
Suppose someone turned on their television set a few minutes ago and did not know that it's a "looking back" segment?
Your producer has still not instructed the graphics person to put up a date at the top of the screen or the "Recap of the best CNC show" at the top of the screen. Steups! Get it right.


Sophia Khan Daniel at C News, you look like you got to work a bit late today because for the 6:30 headlines you were not wearing any makeup. Like we said before, even if you have to throw on some foundation and lipstick in the car while you are stuck in traffic, it's not acceptable to show up in front of your audience with an unmade up face and what looks like bed hair.

Then we did not see the video for the soundbites for the murder.
Unfortunately no one told Sophia she was still up on the screen while the soundbites were running so we saw her fixing her hair. Don't worry that's not your fault, blame the director.
Then someone standing over her mentioned that she was still on the screen and it looked like she uttered a silent expletive, and sat very still.
Keep it professional. You never want to offend your audience.
And later we did not see any video for the soundbites for the villagers with the poor drainage, and the NUGFW/THA story.
Let's hope the problems are sorted out for the 7am newscast.
PS: Justin stick to dj'ing and hosting. DON'T READ THE NEWS!


Kudos to the Morning Edition producer or whoever was the smart one who told the person doing graphics that New Years Eve (sic) has an apostrophe in the word Years.


CNC 3's Early Morning Show today is a recap of some of what they call "The Best of CNC's Early Morning Show". One of the first they picked was the three-way interview with Sadiq Baksh, Dr Tim Gopeesingh and Ken Valley, hosted by Cordielle Street and Dr Keith Clifford.
Probably a good idea, but that one episode is going on too long...already 25 minutes. So that means for the two hour show today you are going to show just four of the best episodes? Or are we going to see this episode all the way to 7 or 8 o'clock?
And why don't you put the date at the top of the screen, as a reminder to your viewers?


Sampson of CNC 3, there was a huge area of black in one of your stories in the recap of the top stories at 6am.
And Vinood Narwani you sound just like Nadine Hackett, except that your entire sport story is read in a falsetto voice.
Whose idea was that?
Take it from us, you do not sound good.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


C News, is David Lleyton a new member of staff? He did a "stand up" on a boat for the story on the regatta (at least your cameraman gave him a wireless mic.)
We appreciate that the cameraman wanted us to see the water behind Mr Lleyton, but next time he should tighten the shot so that we don't see the interviewee holding the mic for himself during the interview.


CNC 3 is reporting that the tree was ignited by the transformer.


C News, can anyone ask Desha Rambhajan to unclench her jaw when she reads her stories? What is "two thousand and sevon"?


Vashtee Achibar you look really uncomfortable reading the 6:30pm news. Very stiff, dead pan, concentrating too hard on reading the teleprompter rather than sharing the news with your audience.
And when there was a problem with the teleprompter, you had to scramble to find your place in the scripts. You were only too happy to call for the break, not even pausing after a story.

Melissa Williams the lead in to the first murder story was repeated almost word for word in the first paragraph of your package.
Then the "Fire Tree" story was very confusing. The fire officers don't know what caused the tree to "spit fire", but the male and female residents you spoke with kept pointing to the fact that residents have complained about the electricity transformer which is right next to the tree.

Robin Morais good that you got the interview with the game warden who captured the men poaching the Scarlet Ibis. But in your lead in to each soundbite, you repeated everything that Mr Ramdeem (sic) said in the actual soundbite.

Nadine Hackett you continue to increase the pitch in your voice when you come to the end of your sentences and when you tag out your stories. WHY??? (Imagine every song you know sung by an alto, and the very last word of each line sung by a very high soprano).

Saturday, December 29, 2007


TV6 even IETV had video of the funeral of Mr Manning's security chief. Where were your cameras?


Dale again, why is it important to list the names of every single police officer who went on the raid to clear the streets of illegal cd's?
Are you giving us the names so we can contact them for further information? Or give them an award for doing their jobs?


Dale Enoch at I95, the Scarborough branch of KFC was closed on Thursday and the news was read on television on Thursday night.
How is it still relevant at 8am on Saturday?
You did not add any new information to the story, but just gave us the bare facts which we already knew.


Rhondor Dowlat of the Newsday, here's another question for you.
Were there any witnesses to the shooting of the woman at Bangladesh?
'“Someone or some persons may have followed (Cheryl Gabriel) home. She was a sure target because the person broke down the door to the house and entered after trying to call out to her several times,” Pierre (her cousin) said.'
Did she say how she came by that information?

Friday, December 28, 2007


Sampson Nanton at CNC, why didn't you just show that interview with the retired Tobago policeman as a two way interview?
For the entire story you had single sentences separating the five soundbites from the officer.
And you again sound like you have too many words in your mouth, so your sentences are very stilted.
Not conversational at all.


C News, we appreciate that you want an international look with your set for the news "at high noon" where your viewers can see people interacting in your office behind the presenter, but we don't need to see the 'ole talking and laughing of the young lady in the blue and gray sweater.


TV6, how does the cancellation of the Amnesia fete constitute major news in the first segment of your midday newscast, complete with a phone number on the screen for patrons to call in order to get a refund?
Steups! Your producer does not understand the difference between news and free advertising?


Too much head movement Joel. And we still think your camera is too high. And can you please sit up?


TV6 takes a page out of CNC 3's book by having sports reporter/Morning Edition guest host Joel Villafana reading the News at Noon.
But why did you begin with a court case, then go to the murder of the young woman? Benazir Bhutto is still the top international story, and CNC recognises that.


TV6, why don't you have a PG rating for the edition of CSI Miami that's airing at 11am Friday? There's some foul language in there that is certainly not appropriate for young audiences.


At least all the stations and the newspapers had the sense to lead with Benazir Bhutto's assassination.


The Newsday's Nathan Hazel makes interesting reading of "Sir Ellis at 90" (,70473.html).


I95 why are your morning newscasts starting so late?
You started at 7:05 and 8:08, yet you are promoting them as "News centre five at seven" and "News centre five at eight".
Too much 'ole talking to get the news started on time?


Joel Villafana at TV6 please stop leaning over so much that we see the ripples on your head. Is your chair too low and your camera too high? Please sit up!


Still no First Up morning show on CNMG. Extra long holidays for the morning crew.
They are showing the previous night's episode of CMC's Primetime Caribbean.
Thanks for the live cricket.


Derek Ramsamooj again guest hosting for Josanne Leonard on CNC 3's Early Morning Show. Still no make up under the eyes though.
We'll accept that if he's a guest, but as the host he's got to look 100 percent better.


TV6 Morning Edition producer, Media Watch is absolutely sure that the former West Indies spinner's name is not spelt "Rangy" Nanan.
Quick Google search and you will figure it out.
Steups! You hire graphics people who can't spell???
And no one is checking his/her work???

Thursday, December 27, 2007


CNC your morning show looks very scrappy. Derek is interviewing Dr Fuad Khan on the telephone and we can't see a photo of him?
Seems as if the show was an afterthought. He was interviewing someone else and we saw Derek up on the screen. What's up with that?


Please. Can the producer of the TV6 Morning Edition ask or instruct Dr Morgan Job to sit up on the set?
He is slouching and looks very unprofessional next to Andy and their guest, and his poor posture is showing up the flaws in his ill-fitting jacket.


Political pollster Derek Ramsamooj is hosting CNC 3's Early Morning Show. Who told the producer/host that he would make a good host? So first Keith goes missing and now Josanne?
Anyway he needs some make up under the eyes.


Robert Clarke of Gayelle, that was an interesting story on the horses at Santa Rosa, their trainers and grooms.
But your voice presentation is very monotone. You need to learn how to put some more inflection in your voice. (Maybe you can ask Fabian Pierre or Shabaka Kambon at TV6 who both tend to go overboard).


Caught this in the Guardian: "‘Kidnapper’ gives up himself" (


Once again conflicting murder figures in the Express and the Newsday.
The Newsday's front page says 375 (,70408.html), but the Express says 373 (


Hey Samuel McKnight of CNC 3, we notice you did not take our gentle hint to gift yourself with some voice training.
So it seems we need to make an all-out appeal to your boss Rosemarie Sant to ensure you get some training in the new year so we won't have to hear you say again " in pole-leece custody".

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Media Watch would have thought reporters would use the slower pace of the holidays to hone their writing skills, the editors to hone their skills on video and the producers to give us a wide range of stories other than blood, gore and politics.

On Wednesday night, Charlene Ramdhanie of C News told us of a murder in Diego Martin. But what did we see for the entire 30 seconds of video on the screen? A close up shot of a canal and someone standing with their back to the camera, and another close up shot of a piece of broken green bottle. Not a single establishing shot of the area so viewers could figure out where the incident took place.

Then Natalie Briggs gave us what could have been a really interesting story of a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage. But the writing and the editing left much to be desired. She did not tell us how many children or grandchildren the couple has, and we saw the couple in one position for the entire story: sitting side by side on two separate chairs. They were handed wedding rings by a small boy whom we assume is their grandson, then there was an interview with their daughter who stood between the couple, and the C News mic flag was stuck in her face, so we know your camera crew was there.
So. Where were the other shots to cover the story? Where were the shots of the jubilant relatives inside the house or even on the verandah? Not a single establishing shot of the house. So they lived 50 years in this one little room? What did they do their entire lives? Were they professionals? Labourers? Stay at home parents? Too many unanswered questions.

Elizabeth Williams Allard of TV6 ventured to Charlotteville to once more hear the people say that the authorities do not care about them. At least this time we got both sides of the story: villagers as well as the Agriculture and Infrastructure Secretaries of the THA.
But Elizabeth, does your cameraman know how to white balance? We understand that the place must have been overcast, but your video was black and blue, like it had taken a real beating. We couldn't see anyone's face properly, except at the very end of the story, and it seems that the cameraman shot the interviewees with their backs to the natural light.

Samantha John, please don't say respectively, as in "...8.3 and 2.6 percent respectively.". You confuse your viewers because they have to go back in their minds to figure out what you are referring to as 8.3 then 2.6, then they miss anything you say after that because they are doing mental gymnastics.

Ah Shabaka Kambon again. So the former general from Latin America "...had been resident at a hospital since early December..."? Is that a five star facility? Can we have the address?

TV6 you ran a story on poor Christmas sales at groceries in Port of Spain, but why didn't you use that story for your Inside Business segment instead of the generic story from the BBC on cars?
Then for the headline Samantha said "...many opt for the beach on boxing day...", but we did not see any shots of the beach; instead we saw a shot of people walking on the Brian Lara promenade and cars in Port of Spain.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was Charlene Ramdhanie of C News. She looks a lot more composed, mature and professional and her presentation has improved immensely. Keep it up.


Now that you've had time to enjoy the ham, lamb and jam, it's time to get back to work.
On Christmas morning, TV6 gave us live interviews and Christmas music on their morning show, and was the only major station with lunchtime news.
Fabian Pierre, as compared with the maturity we see in your male colleagues at other stations, such as Sunil Ramdeen, Raymond Edwards, Satesh Mahabir and even Mark Bassant, you look decidedly immature on that News at Noon set; like a small child playing dress up.
Too much facial expression, too much head and hand movement.

Night news now.
CNMG's Sola James reported on slow Christmas sales in San Fernando. Has she relocated? She usually reports from Tobago.

Sammy Jo at TV6 had the night off, so Cherise read alone. But Cherise, what happened to the sot from Hazel Brown? You read a script that sounded as if a sound bite was coming up, but then it didn't and you did not apologize.
And later two stories on Mayaro residents dealing with flooding had the exact same video; the second story was also missing a soundbite at the end from the residents, but we heard none and you moved on without apologizing.
At least you apologized later when two soundbites from a dietitian did not come up. Either your editors are messing up or the person who rolls tape.

IETV had shots of Jack Warner's Chaguanas office which had been shot up by criminals; CNMG had the story, but used file video of Jack on the campaign trail.

TV6 why did we hear Elizabeth Williams Allard asking her question for the vox on shopping when Cherise had already read it? The vox should have started with the first response.
Alisha Nurse please pick up the pace. All your stories tend to sound the same: long and drawn out.
Shabaka Kambon, that country which borders Haiti is not pronounced "Dominica-n" Republic, but it's the "Do-mi-ni-can" Republic. Get it right. Dominica is not in Latin America.

Hema Ramkissoon reported on favourite toys for Christmas, but when she got to the point where she said "...Sesame Street characters and Dora the Explorer...", we did not see any matching video. Why? Couldn't find any shots of the elusive toys? You told us they were popular so you should have made the effort to show them, even grab some pictures off the net.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Charlene Bharatt of the Newsday, you've written another one of those "I'm a young mother with three young children to feed and I have no job and my babies' daddy died and I need everyone to pitch in and help me". SIGH! Enough already!
The reason these people keep crawling out of the woodwork is that they see other people's hard-luck stories (genuine or otherwise) being highlighted in the media and they probably tell themselves 'well I can get a house and free everything too if they could only get a shot of me with the kids and have some pity on us.'
Once again, we want to know if you asked her if she did not hear about birth control when she was 17 (when she had her first child), and whether or not she had been to the FPA since then, along with Social Services to tell them about her plight.
What about looking for a job?

And you wrote this statement: "Sookdeo’s children, four-year-old Suzanne, three-year-old Rohan and one-year-old Raj, have not as yet gotten their new electronic birth certificates. Sookdeo said that this was the reason why Suzanne and Raj have not been registered to attend school."
So she is saying that it's taken four years to get the eldest child's electronic birth certificate? Did you call the Legal Affairs Department to find out when she first applied and what's the hold up?
And is three year old Rohan attending school?
Why do you leave your readers with so many unanswered questions??


So Guardian editors, what was the rationale in having two reporters write about the death of the bomb expert under the titles "Top police bomb expert passes on" ( and "Tragedy hits new home" (

The two stories by Corey Connelly and Adrian Boodan were so similar we were wondering if you asked them to just write a generic story and add or delete information from either story in order to make them less similar.


Satesh Mahabir of CNC, why don't you write to pictures? Your script says "Attorney Anand Ramlogan is accusing Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls..."; we see Anand and then we see Sat Sharma. Where is Mr McNicolls?? Further down in the story. Write to your pictures!


Azlan Mohammed of the Newsday, was that staged shot of how bomb expert ASP Terrance Nelson fell on the scaffolding when he died really necessary?,13383.html#foto


Here's a question that we have been asking ourselves for some time. Why does CNMG have a full 15 minute newscast at the top and bottom of the hour?
That takes up programming time. We can understand lengthy news at the top, but why not just have a two minute headline roundup at the bottom of the hour?


CNMG was off the air for a while after 6am, but they are up and running now.
They started with some live Christmas music on the steel pan.


Josanne Leonard of CNC's Early Morning Show looked so excited when she heard Eddison Carr's voice while she was on the air.
She is interviewing Eddison, Vernon Ramesar and Suruj Rambachan as a simulcast of their programme on Sangeet 106.1FM and 730Am.
But we are seeing pre-recorded shots of Eddison and Vernon in the radio studio.
Since they are downstairs, as Josanne admitted, where was the difficulty for you to get a live shot of them during the interview?


Mr Narwani of CNC 3, why were you reading that story on the accident as if you were holding your breath?
Maybe you were overcome with emotion, but keep it professional or we may have to call for voice training for you as well.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


The next time a reporter feels compelled to "highlight the plight" of a young mother with five children who lives in a "shack" with no kind of financial support and who is "begging for a home" for her children, we hope that reporter is also tempted to ask the mother how she got into that situation, and try to track her efforts at contacting social services and the FPA before the situation with four kids and no one to support her and another baby on the way and living in a shack got out of hand.


Let's hope the cameraman captured on page four of the Saturday Guardian decked in slippers as he chased the CJ's car really does have a problem with his foot.
We would hate to believe he left home to go on assignment dressed like that just because he was too lazy to dress properly.
We can't tell from the picture which media house he represents, but we hope he gave his assignment editor a good explanation for his poor attire, and or he got a good talking to before he left the office.


Gail Alexander of the Guardian, that's a totally hilarious piece on what the country's politicians should get for Christmas!

Some of the best:
Patrick Manning: "From the Barbie series, the latest Ken (Valley) doll—wind it up, play with it for five years, then toss it out for a newer plastic model. Batteries included."

Basdeo Panday: "Wardrobe of The Look for 2008 -camo and fatigues to match the beret; Ten-year supply of boots (comes minus plans for dying anytime soon).

Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj: "Linkin Park CD Trying To Bend The Truth; Autographed copy of Comeback Kid by Bill Clinton."

Jack Warner: "A jet (to be back in time for Parliament sittings)."

Donna Cox: "Camilla Parker Bowles’ autobiography, Hats—Not For Everyone."

Jerry Narace: "Shoulder pads to alleviate the stooped-shoulder look and stem further sag arising from heavy-duty portfolios."

And finally, "The 20-plus new PNM MPs: Silence of the Lambs DVDs."


Is that proper English Mark Bassant of C News?
Your Saturday night headline is "A man is shot dead because he 'bounced' shoulders with another man...". Hmmm. Something does not sound right there. Shouldn't you have said "bumped into another man" instead?


Fabian, it's "Hib-bernian" NOT "Hy-bernian".
You could have asked Ashford Jackman to clarify the pronunciation for you as he said the correct thing in his story.


CNC 3 what's up with that badly edited piece of video with Jack Warner and Basdeo Panday? We saw three jump cuts in that story.
And there was a huge lull in audio on that story with Anthony Roberts distributing hampers.
Tighten things up.


The man who was shot dead in Cunupia last night goes by two names?
Francesca Hawkins of CNC 3, Dale Enoch of I95 and Curtis Williams of CNMG say he's Curtis "Guy-tan", but TV6's Fabian Pierre says he's Curtis "Ghee-tan". Which is it?

Friday, December 21, 2007


Shabaka Kambon of TV6, it took you three days to acknowledge in Latin America Today that Fidel Castro is hinting at retirement? Steups!


But Sasha, the graphic and the super bar on the CJ story are new experiments? Where is the uniformity for your newscast?
Well they are distracting and actually look like the super bar for C News so you might be confusing your viewer.


C News, what's up with your CG operator and graphic artist tonight? Spell check was turned off on their computers?
Legal Afairs, Sherman Mc Nicholls, Senior Council.


How come only Imran Ali of the Express reported that the Maha Sabha and the Islamic Relief Centre lost their appeal against the government over the Trinity Cross issue?
It was on the front burners just a few months ago.
Seems Imran is one of the few practising the art of the follow up.


Golda Lee looking professional as usual. She's a good presenter.


Oh gosh C News. Since when is Martin Daly a "Senior Council"? Steups!


Nice big smile at the end.
But again Sasha it would suggest your appearance was not planned. Why did you tag out your package when we already saw you on the set?


But Sasha why those token red, white and blue graphics on the screen which are blocking Mr Sharma's mouth??


Sasha Mohammed of TV6 again on the green screen for the CJ lead story, but much better this time!
Clothes and hair neat, not looking rushed or flustered. Thank you director for not giving us another extreme close up.
But you can still improve.

The toss needs some work. Why doesn't the presenter say something like, "Sasha what can you tell us?" And when you are punched up you need to respond to the presenter, "Samantha,......." as an introduction to your package, otherwise it just jumps out at the viewer.

And if you are in the studio, then why is the director using a split screen, which is usually reserved for when the reporter is in a different/outside location? Why not just use two cameras and include you in a shot with the two presenters?


Robin Morais of IE News, that was an interesting story on the woman who found a caiman in her toilet bowl at Edinburgh Gardens, but your poor voice work and the shaky video did not add to the story.


IE News, why are you going with the trend of having your interviewees doing stand ups for your station?
Last night you had an interview with Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and we saw him holding the microphone very close to his face while responding to a question. Then tonight there was an interview with a female shopper in Chaguanas and again she was holding the mic.
Are you short staffed?

And Giselle McIntyre, you said this evening that someone is acting as Foreign Affairs minister in the absence of Paula Gopee Scoon. But you neglected to say why she is absent, leaving your viewers to wonder. Is she on vacation so soon? Is she seeking medical attention? Is she on special assignment?


Joel Villafana, what happened with your guest Terry Fenwick that made him want to rush off your Morning Edition set like a bat out of hell while the credits were still rolling?
We didn't even see you or your cameraman indicate to him while he was un-clipping his mic that he should sit still until you were off the air.
He ran off the set as fast as that cameraman made his way onto the set, huge headphones and all, to have a good laugh with you for all to see.
We don't need to see that. Tell the cameraman he can speak to his manager if he wants to audition for an on-air spot. Otherwise, he should stay out of sight unless absolutely necessary.

Note to Fabian: Terry's name is spelt FENWICK but pronounced FENNIK.


Where's Dr Keith Clifford of CNC's Early Morning Show? We haven't seen him in a couple of days. Not that we are complaining.
So is he on vacation or does the new producer/host Josanne Leonard have him under some heavy manners?
By the way Josanne, it seems from where we are sitting that the show is turning into a post-breakfast soft talk show. Shopping, art galleries, cook books. We know it's Christmas, but are the hard issues taking a holiday break as well?


CNC 3, and Francesca in particular, where is Dorita Street?
Last night you reported that a Venezuelan kidnap victim had been rescued at an apartment at Dorita Street in Laventille. Your morning news presenter said the same thing. Yet everyone else reported correctly that the man was rescued at DORATA Street.


Sasha, Sasha, Sasha.
We don't even know what to call this one, in an attempt to address YOUR attempt to tell your audience about the CJ issue at 7pm on TV6.
First of all, we don't understand why your producer chose to lead with that story since there was nothing new to be added besides the fact that the President had received the report.
Also, your competitors led with the more recent news that three criminals had been shot dead by police following a daring robbery.

Then Cherise D'Abadie introduced you with the split screen, you again raised some questions.

Why did you look as if that was a last minute decision? The green screen graphic did not look right, your inner piece and the jacket looked as if they were thrown on in a hurry.

Then your report (as mentioned) added nothing to what Darren Bahaw had already scooped you with in the Express. You had some very distracting graphics in your story - blue and red at the bottom of the screen, and a very fine printed white graphic box on the right side of the screen. The vision-impaired must have been silently cursing you.

And to top it all off at the end of your story, the director punches you up, you give a little close off of the story and toss back to Cherise. But someone forgot to tell you before you went on the set to stand absolutely still until the director takes the single shot of the presenter, or you would end up on the air asking whether you should leave the set. Oops! That's exactly what we saw! Steups!

In the end the entire thing looked sloppy.
Next time your people get the grand idea to throw you on the set, remind them that practice makes perfect. No harm in practising the sequence when no one is looking.
You lose credibility when your viewers think you are an amateur, when in fact you should give the impression (even if not correct) that you know exactly what you are doing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Thanks Andy Johnson and Dr Morgan Job for giving us the most interesting and riveting interview on morning tv in a very long time: Prison Reform with guests Patrick Jagessar and Wayne Chance. We didn't change the channel at all.
And that was a nice piece too with Karen Cozier Phillip on her special report on The other side of Christmas. Kudos Karen.


Kudos to Darren Bahaw at the Express for getting the scoop on the Mustill Report.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Media Watch heard three words on Wednesday which did not encourage us to look at or listen to too much news.
First was "Tay-bo" Umbeki from Fabian Pierre at TV6, then "Gal-A" from Satesh Mahabir of CNC 3, and "U-rope-pean" Union from Maxine Maharaj of IE News.

A STEUPS! is not even good enough to describe the reaction to these pronunciations.

These three presenters chose to rename these internationally known, for want of a better word, symbols.
The first name of the South African President is spelt Thabo and pronounced "Tar-bo", that place in Sri Lanka which was devastated by a tsunami three years ago and which is now hosting a major cricket tournament is Galle and pronounced "gall" (as in gall bladder), and one of the world's economic and political powerhouses is the "Euro-pean" Union (that's where we get the currency the Euro).

It would appear that a knowledge of world affairs and an interest in it is sorely lacking among these three.
A cursory glance at the BBC news (every half hour, seven days a week, 365 days a year) would have provided the pronunciation of these names.

It's not enough to just present the news. You have to be accurate.
Don't be afraid to ask how to pronounce a word before you go on the air.
The only person who will have egg on their face if you don't is YOU.


Saw Sophia Khan Daniel reading one of the later morning newscasts on C News. The make up job was very minimal and very clean. Keep it up.
No one wants to look at a painted doll so early in the morning, or at any time for that matter.


There are two more BBC presenters we would like to recommend some of you look at.
The first should be looked at specifically by Cherise D'Abadie at TV6. Her name is Celina Hinchcliffe and she reads the sportscast, usually on mornings, local time.
Celina has a slight resemblance to Cherise in the shape of her face and the hair cut. But she wears brightly coloured, well tailored jackets which suit her complexion and her shape.
She also wears very tasteful pendants and very small earrings which do not clash with the pendant nor distract the viewer, and her make up is minimal.

The second presenter is Gabby Logan. She hosts a new show, Inside Sport. Excellent programme and a must-see for the sports reporters/presenters like Roger Sant, Joel Villafana and Robert Dumas. Right now the only person who probably comes close to her in T&T is Fazeer Mohammed.
Gabby's interviewing style is very laid back and relaxed, yet very professional (no protruding gut, no exposed cleavage). Her questions are thoughtful and never seem stiff or staged. She also takes her show on the road, often meeting the athletes in their environment and getting on the play field with them for cricket, basketball or golf.
The result is a very easy interview, where the viewer can get inside the mind and character of the athlete.


PS TV6, Fidel Castro's hint at retirement is still one of the top stories on the BBC's web site.


So none of Keisha David's helpers told that woman in the pink plaid shirt what the question was for Good Morning Port of Spain? Tut tut.


Raymond Edwards of C News, your guests are all well dressed, so why are you wearing that denim shirt as if it's Saturday morning and you are doing some freelance work and there is no camera on you?
By the way, where are Jessie May Ventour, Sophia Khan Daniel and Desha Rambhajan?


Marcia why are you reusing that vox on the US visa fee with the upside down mic flag visible???


Marcia Braveboy of CNC, where is "Parshley" Street?


Camille Clarke of the Guardian, you need to take a look at the Newsday's story today titled "Abuse of office".
Their "Reporters" give details of a letter Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has dispatched to House Speaker Barry Sinanan. In the long-winded piece, they report on the Civil Rights Association's warning of judicial review of the Speaker's decision not to allow Mr Maharaj to raise a matter of urgent public importance.

They even have a photo of Mr Sinanan receiving the letter from Mr Maharaj:,13243.html#foto

But Camille do you know what's missing from that very long story? Any reference to the statement made by Mr Maharaj's UNC A colleague Wade Mark which you happily reported yesterday, that the letter was "tossed" on the floor.


How many more "I am poor and have plenty children, can I have a house?" stories do we have to endure?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Oh Sharmilla Persad at TV6, we forgot to mention that Diana Mahabir Wyatt had a nice long interview with Andy Johnson on the Morning Edition today.


Marcia Braveboy at CNC 3, Media Watch is still trying to figure out why you packaged that press conference from Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj for your midday news.
That press conference took place at the Parliament right after the sitting of the house. More than 24 hours ago. Why wasn't it used in your 7 or 9:30pm newscasts last night? Clearly it was not earth shattering enough.
And why did the producer of the midday news even use it? Poor judgement.


8pm and still no signal on CNMG. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day.


CNC also covered the parang festivities in Paramin last night.
Samuel McKnight reported that there was wild meat and "dork" on sale. Is that a new species? STEUPS!
We guess they are going to use what he calls "ornions" in the "dork"?

We'll take the liberty of calling you Sammy and say we hate to break it to you, but it's not enough to just sound like you are talking to your "pardner". You have to remind yourself that you are speaking to the entire nation, and we think you owe it to your audience to get some voice training.
Let that be your Christmas gift to yourself.


Thanks CNC 3 for showing that story on Fidel.


Shabaka Kambon at TV6, how could you not even mention that Fidel Castro is hinting at retirement in your Latin America Today??
That should have been your lead story. It's the most important statement Fidel has made in ages!
But instead your entire package was about what you termed an emotional pre-Christmas reunion on the Mexican border. How is that more important than Fidel?
And even though you ignored the former Cuban leader (all the American channels as well as the BBC have been pounding that story since last night!), your producer did not even have a word about him in the segment just before your story! Steups!


TV6, why did you run that story on the increase in the fee for the US visa so high up in your newscast (before the first break)? The position of that story would have been justified if the fee had increased by USD$100.

And while CNC 3 ran the same story much further down in their newscast, they also did a vox pop on the increase.
Point to note though: insist that the person doing the interviews places the mic flag right side up. We saw three interviewees (maybe there were more) and the mic flag was upside down the whole time, and two of the interviews were out of focus.
We are running out of Steups!'s for today.


CNC 3 and TV6 both lead with video from the Rio Claro protest: Sharmilla Persad of Six with a package and soundbites, but CNC just has a short voice over.
What's up with that Shelly?


CNMG's signal is off the air at 7pm. Seems there's some problem with cable company Flow. Hope they sort it out soon.


So TV6 now that the parang season has kicked off (well for some time now), and Paramin residents have begun to shake their maracs, can we expect some sort of special report from special report girl Bobbi Jeffrey Hicks?
It seems you've hidden her away for some greater good, so we wait to see what she will pull out of the bag this Christmas season.


Psst Nadine Hackett, can you please drop the pitch of your voice at the end of your sentence? That's how you indicate you've come to the end of the sentence or a thought.


Giselle and Melissa, the murder rate is not climbing, it's the murder figure.
Two murders per day is a rate, one murder is a figure (or number).


Melissa Williams of IE News, that story on the Rio Claro villagers' protest was not deserving of a package, and one of the main reasons was that the entire story was covered with file footage.
You referred to specific events today, which of course there was no video for. Why didn't you just write a voice over and use the file footage at the point where you mentioned this is not the first time the three villages have resorted to protest action?


Giselle McIntyre of IETV News you look really nice tonight.
Very professional outfit and make up. Keep it up.


The first three minutes of I95's 4pm newscast sounded like the "Who got shot or stabbed today? show".
Why so much focus on crime? Is there nothing else happening in the country?


Raphael John Lall of the Guardian, Media Watch is in two minds about your story titled "Construction worker hospitalised after fall".
The first thing that comes to mind is that he fell off his scaffolding, or fell from some height while doing something.
Then we read this line "...remained warded in Port-of-Spain General Hospital, after slipping and falling down a flight of stairs in the RBTT building under construction...".

He could have been anyone, an engineer, a financier, an inspector falling down a flight of stairs. But you clearly wanted us to link this in our minds with the other incident, where that construction worker actually fell off a scaffolding.
The guy who fell down the stairs could not have been expected to be wearing a harness or some other paraphernalia.


A crash claims the life of a three month old baby.
But the Express says it's a girl ( and the Guardian says it's a boy (

Richard Charan of the Express says the child's name is Amora Larode and the Newsday's Yvonne Webb says it's Amorie La Rode.
Yvonne says the parents are Abayomin La Rode and Ayesha Herbert, and Richard says the mother is Avie Yuming Larode.

Seems they do agree on the names of the passengers, the time and place of the accident, and the time the child died. Tut tut.


The Guardian's Camille Clarke falls into the same trap as Sandra Singh.
"An eyewitness claimed that Yankee was thrown from a car that was driven past on Park Street.
Others claimed that he had been tied up and beaten by workers at a nearby construction site."

We can understand if the body was thrown from a car and people called the police. But how can you complete this report without questioning the "eyewitnesses" on their response, or lack of, when the man was tied up and beaten???

And Camille you also printed a statement from Wade Mark which you have failed to substantiate.
'“We wanted to debate the crime situation today and the Speaker of the House tossed the envelope on the floor,” Mark said.'
Did you ask him to give some details of this incident? Because if it is true, then it deserves a separate story.
Please stop doing your readers a disservice by printing every accusation without demanding that they be substantiated.
Remember you don't work for a tabloid, and your editor should remind you of that daily.


Here's a line from the Guardian's Shaliza Hassanali in a story on Ramesh Maharaj planning to tell the House about a murder.
'He said the prisoner had given the police a statement, and had been “sent to one of the islands in Trinidad and Tobago, which is inaccessible.”'
Shaliza, how did he get there if the island is inaccessible? Didn't you ask for some clarification?


Gail Alexander of the Guardian gave a nice wrap on the parliament proceedings, as well as the fashions.


Thanks Anna Ramdass at the Express for giving us the perspective of an independent senator following the opening of parliament.


Good morning tv stations. Since last night the BBC and CNN have been reporting that Fidel Castro is hinting at retirement, but the only station that carried anything at all was CNC 3 in their 8am news update.
What happened to the rest of you? Fidel is suddenly old (no pun intended) news?


Sandra Singh of the Newsday, can you answer one question for us? Who were the "eyewitnesses" you spoke with following the murder of the homeless man near Victoria Square?

"Eyewitnesses said the man was caught on the compound of a construction site next to the Radio Trinbago building at about 6.15am. He was tied up, beaten by people dressed in construction gear. At 1.30 pm, after several hours of being tied up and beaten, the man was thrown onto Park Street and left for dead."

So you didn't ask your "eyewitnesses" why they didn't call the police when the man was held and tied up at 6:15am? They left the man to be beaten for seven hours then were outraged when he turned up dead? STEUPS!
Your editor should have canned that stupid story until you answered that question!


Thanks Rosemarie for that revealing shot of Basdeo Panday wiping his hands in a handkerchief after he shook the PM's hand.


Please Keisha David over at Six, not you too with "three-test searies".
Are you taking pronunciation lessons from Sammy Jo?

Monday, December 17, 2007


Of course Parliament was the lead story at 7pm Monday.
TV6 though had really bad audio, so the President of T&T sounded like he had ten frogs in his throat. Why? You had advance notice of this event. What was the problem?

Then you subjected us to two three-minute packages from Sasha Mohammed before your first break at 7:09. Why? Was she the only one capable of reporting on the main event as well as a separate piece on the PM's address? Where were all your other reporters?

CNMG had very clear video and audio. But Desha Rambhajan, you don't know how to spell the former female opposition leader's last name? Take another look at it.

We didn't see much from CNC, but we know both Rosemarie and Sampson were at work.

Nathalie Chrysostom at TV6, how come you interviewed the new PNM MP's and ministers? Not sure what they added to the story. Why didn't you try instead for the new independent senators? You could have asked them about their concerns for the new parliamentary term.


TV6 today jumped on the bandwagon to interview Selwyn "Robocop" Alexis on the Morning Edition.
Andy Johnson had a sit-down interview with the man widely viewed as the one single-handedly responsible for crime in central Trinidad. However he was recently acquitted on a charge of kidnapping. Since then, he says "the police" have been staking out his home, dressed in black masks.
This morning he said he did not know whether the "police" were aware that he had left his home for the TV6 studio. And his mantra seems to be "black mean stupid?". But Andy assured him that it does not.
Wonder if the "police" were waiting for him outside the studio?

We understand that there may be some public interest in this character, but is everyone going to continue asking him if he did kidnap anyone?
Is anyone expecting him to say yes?

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Some interesting stories...PM Manning moved into his new mansion, a female coast guard officer allegedly killed her boyfriend, cane farmers demanding that the cabinet obey court orders, Christmas parties galore, etc.

One of TV6's first stories was that the PM had a simple ceremony to move into his new house. Good that we actually saw some shots of the PM inside the house. Cut to CNC 3's version...the PM arrives at the house, ceremony outside, guard of honour, flag unfurled, end of story. Whoa! Not even a shot inside the house? Nope! Steups.

We'll stick with CNC for now. Once again, here's a call for some voice training for Samuel McKnight. He had an interesting story on how high food prices are affecting shoppers at the markets, as well as vendors. But then he said something about "or-nions"! Oh gosh boy!
And later Shelly read the first few lines of a story about the PM.
"Disappointment at Balisier House as the Prime Minister failed to show. The event was the PNM's annual children's party...".
Drama queen, who wrote that script? The first thing that comes to mind is the man missed some important meeting with his party head honchos or with the opposition. You think the kids were really that disappointed? They saw Santa Claus. Maybe their parents were disappointed?

Onto CNMG. Golda Lee, please ask your amateurish cameraman or the person who did that interview for you at the St Jude's home not to say "uh huh" or "yeah" or "ok" after every sentence from the interviewee. It's very distracting, and you can't get a good soundbite without hearing those affirmations.

And finally, we'd like to recommend breathing lessons for the guy who sped through that package on the West Indies beating South Africa in the 20/20 cricket tournament. You know what he sounded like? He begged someone for a ride home to eat his Sunday lunch and they were parked out in the street with the engine running, so he had just one minute to get through his script or they would leave him behind.
He clearly did not listen to the final take before he sent it in for editing. Nor did the editor pay attention to the finished product.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Darryl Heeralal of the Express, you started your piece on the bandits begging for mercy on a very hilarious note.

"A young thief yesterday jumped into Haniff Mohammed's car, pointed an object to his head, told the 60-year-old it was a gun and ordered him to drive.
Mohammed, who had just completed his midday prayers at the Caroni Mosque, calmly turned around and told the criminal "not today", jumped out of the car, ran around the back, pulled out the man and started beating him."


CNMG and CNC 3 begin with the COP's protest across the street from White Hall. CNC had Otto Carrington on the telephone (minus video), while CNMG had an interview that Desha Rambhajan did with Manohar Ramsaran across the street from White Hall (don't think it was live).
TV6 began their noon news with Basdeo Panday's court case.

CNMG also had a report from Natalie Briggs who trekked to Matelot to bring us a report on the landslide that marooned residents. Now was that report shown last night and replayed today, or did she go to Matelot early this morning? Because she kept saying "...heavy rains last night...".
CNC also ran a copy story from Terry Rondon, the area councillor who said things were practically back to normal in the village.

Unfortunately later in her newscast, CNMG's Ria Roopchandsingh said "...a gang of men are...".
Tut tut Ria.


Marcia Braveboy of CNC 3, that story you did on the solar power equipment seemed like some free advertising for that company (complete with the price of the system), rather than an objective look at whether or not citizens should go the way of solar power.


TV6, in your midday news on Wednesday you reported that 600 people were cut off by landslides in Matelot, but it seems that you did not see it fit to send even a cameraman to document their plight. The same story was read again at 7 and 10pm as a copy.
Unlike you though, the Newsday sent a photographer and two reporters (,69681.html).
And the Guardian also sent a reporter and photographer.
As a matter of fact, none of the tv stations had pictures out of Matelot!


Sharmilla Persad, Media Watch caught the piece you did with Dr Stephen Mastrofski, as we had recommended.
But slapping on a "Special Report" billboard at the beginning and end of a press conference with Dr Mastrofski which you precised does not a special report make.
So after a week of dealing with crime, you couldn't convince him to do a sit-down interview with you?


TV6, your Good Morning Port of Spain question is way too small on the screen; we can barely read it.
Why not move the larger bar that says "Opposition Call" and make the question a little bigger?
As it is, the screen just looks like it has a lot of stuff jumbled up on it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Camille Clarke's story in the Wednesday Guardian titled "Trafficking in women for sex" is very compelling
But Media Watch would like to make a few observations.

"I was no longer a woman, able to flash my eyes for assistance or use any feminine wiles if I were in trouble.
I felt there was no protection for me, if things went awry."
These two sentences made no sense at the beginning of your story and only served to confuse your reader. You start the story by talking about the arrest of women from Colombia way back in October, so how did your statement about feminine wiles come in? Was that the most appropriate way to start the piece?
Later in the story you revealed that you went "undercover" as a man so you could go into a "hotel" to observe the goings-on, but your decision to dress as a man had nothing to do with trafficking in women.

And why did you wait two months to go to print with this story? Was there a lapse between the arrests in October, your interviews and your adventure at the brothel? Well it's such a coincidence that the story comes just two days after the Express story on the 15 year old Colombian girl who was allegedly sold into prostitution.

Media Watch counted 54 paragraphs/sentences where you described how you strapped down your breasts, stuffed your shorts, slicked down your hair, stuck false hair to your face with paper glue, got into a maxi, evaded detection and got into the "hotel". Why was all that detail necessary? How did it add to your story line?
And men tolerate beards because they do not stick hair to their faces with paper glue.

Then you wrote that Mr Reyes said prostitution and illegal entry into ports is being investigated. Did you share your experience and tell him how easy it was to get into the "hotel"?

The entire "exposé" just seemed like a grab for attention.


Dale Enoch, that soundbite you used from soca artist Umi Marcano, who wrote a song for Flava Flav's show on VH1, was so heavy on the bass that Media Watch is not sure anyone understood what he was saying.
So the person who edited that sot didn't realise they had to adjust the bass and treble levels before the soundbite was used for the news? Steups!
Hopefully you won't subject us to that unedited version for the 12 o'clock news.


TV6, you are using a sound bite in your 8am news Wednesday from Basdeo Panday speaking at a public meeting on Monday night.
CNC 3 used the same sound bite in their lunchtime news Tuesday with Mr Panday calling on UNC supporters to boycott Ansa McAl companies. Why was it necessary to use the soundbite today, two days after the actual event? Just to slap it in the face of your competitor?


Ria Taitt, formerly of the Newsday, is now the (or a) Political Editor over at the Express. She wrote some interesting pieces while at the Newsday, and Media Watch is guessing that she will continue to show her calibre.
And the talk around town is that Dominic Kallipersad is the new Head of News over at TV6. He is the former editor of the Trinidad Guardian, and also a former broadcaster with the now defunct TTT.
Well let's see if there will be any major changes to the station's news products since the departure of Natalie Williams.


Sasha Mohammed, that report you did on possible senate appointments that ran in the TV6 news seems like a dusted off and repackaged version of Anna Ramdass' report that was printed in the Express on Monday.
Say it ain't so!
Then again, maybe you are working together? But collaboration does not mean word for word rehashing.


Sophia Khan Daniel over at CNMG you look great with your hair let down.
But the over-dramatic make-up is dampening the soft effect you were going for.
Ask your make-up artist to hold her hand on the eye shadow tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Naette Lee over at CNMG, whoever wrote that story about the maxi taxi accident needs a lesson in writing to pictures.
When you were reading about the truck that "...hit this maxi...", we only saw the truck.
We saw a brief shot of the maxi at the beginning of your voice over, but not at the point where you were talking about the damage and the two year old girl who "...flew out the window of the maxi taxi...".
Please ask your reporters to write to their pictures, and ask the editors to pay attention to their instructions.
Team work is the name of the game.


Anna Ramdass of the Express was a bit too eager to have her story on possible independent senate appointments printed. Thus we have a story with wrong information.
Gail Merhair is the former President of the San Juan Business Association. On November 20th, your colleague Julien Neaves named Imtiaz Ali as the association's president, in a story on the effect of crime on the business community.

Then you wrote that "In 2001 (Annette) Nicholas-Alfred led a cultural team to Wales...". Earlier you said her name was Nicholson-Alfred.

And this one: "Merhair has been an fearless advocate...".
Where is your Reader's Editor?


Why was Sasha Mohammed's report on Dr Tim Gopeesingh's meeting with Trevor Paul and Martin Joseph worthy of the lead story slot in the 7pm news on Monday?
The lead in told us they met, the intro to the first sot told us they met, as well as what the basis of the meeting was, then up comes the soundbite from Tim on why they decided to meet.
What was the significance of that sot? You actually wasted time there, by writing in reverse. And why didn't the editor chop out Sasha's instructions to Tim? And what was the outcome of the meeting?
You know Sasha, the next time you write a story with Tim Gopeesingh as the main item we may be tempted to believe the Mirror's story that you are a UNC mole.

Then there were two back to back packages from Sharmilla Persad. You have to admit hers is not the best voice over at your station. You have lots of voices now like Karen Cozier Phillip, Keisha David, Charlene Stuart, Nathalie Chrysostom, Yolanda Morales Carvalho, Shabaka Kambon, Marcia Hope, Fabien Pierre and even the weather man is voicing stories on global warming. So why do you have the same reporter's voice in one segment? It actually tells the viewer that you are short staffed.

The newscast should have started with Sharmilla's first story on the five murders, then moved to "In light of the country's increasing murder figures, an opposition mp has snagged a one on one meeting with the national security minister and the police commissioner to address the situation.", then bring up Sasha's report, followed by the two soundbites from the commissioner, not another Sharmilla report.

And missing from Sasha's report was at least a token sentence telling us that the minister and the commissioner refused to comment on the meeting, or that they could not be reached for comment.


Oh gosh Roger, bad audio (three sots) and bad video on that WASA story!!
Steups! Don't you care about the fact this is dragging down the quality of your entire newscast?


Oh gosh, CNC 3, you were so bent on playing that piece with Basdeo Panday calling on UNC supporters to stop buying products from any company associated with the Ansa McAl group (parent company of your station). Roger Sant read that Mr Panday is now training his guns on the Trinidad Publishing Company in his latest blame game on why his party lost the general election, and he used a soundbite.
Maybe we should just stop watching you just because you subject us to such poor audio!


Sophia Khan Daniel is back at CNMG reading the early morning news.
Desha Rambhajan's pronunciation is still a bit off. She says something about "elec-shons".
Desha, if you unclench your jaw, you will sound a lot better.

Sharmilla at TV6, Professor Stephen Mastrofski is in the country; he spoke at an AMCHAM function this morning (reported by CNMG). Please try to get a hold of him for a continuation of your special report on crime.
And Diana Mahabir Wyatt was a guest on CNC 3's Early Morning Show today. You need to speak with her as well.


CNC and CNMG start their noon news with Conrad Enill talking about the report on energy reserves.
TV6 starts with, as usual, a murder in Sangre Grande.


The Express special publications editor Nazma Muller gave a heart wrenching story of a young Colombian woman who had allegedly been sold into prostitution (unknowingly) by her mother to someone who brought her to Trinidad (Sunday Express,

But Nazma, a few questions jump out at us as we read the story.
If Denyse Renne (you spelt it Denise) had already spoken with the young woman and called her mother, why were you brought in to write that straightforward story?
Then you said she spoke quickly and you could only piece together parts of the story by repeatedly asking questions. Your sister station TV6 has a reporter with a very heavy Spanish accent, Yolanda Morales Carvalho. Didn't anyone think to ask her to translate?

Then you said her 14 year old sister was impregnated by a Rastaman, and that she spoke better English. She told you this? Why leave us to wonder? And they came to Trinidad together but the sister got someone to take her back to Colombia without "Lucinda"? Hmmm.

You wrote, "I had no idea how to get her back to her family in Colombia without documents. First I called the Venezuelan Embassy,...". Why did you call the Venezuelan Embassy first? If you knew the Colombian Embassy had been closed down you should have said that first, then moved on to the Venezuelans.

What about the "house" where she was staying? Are the police following any leads? What about the people who brought her here?
Too many unplugged holes in this story.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


So Sharmilla Persad at TV6. You wrapped up your special report on crime last night after a full five days, but certain key figures in the fight were missing.
1. National Security Minister Martin Joseph. He is the policy maker, not one of the policemen you were blaming on the first night. He should have been the main thread throughout your series, so that you could have played his comments off everyone else's.

2. Dr Stephen Mastrofski. The man whose national crime plan was favoured over Rudy Giuliani's and who was paid millions of tax payers' dollars.

3. Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, as well as his collaborators, SAUTT and the defence force. Not a word from any of these people who are in the daily front line in the battle against crime. They are the ones whose input the minister will seek when he is developing policy.

And we have some questions about those you actually spoke with.
1. Professor John La Guerre. He is a political scientist, not an expert on crime, unless you were making a subliminal link which was never established.

2. The man in the street. Which person in Trinidad and Tobago do you think you can speak with today who will tell you that crime does not or has not affected them? I am sure you could have interviewed people in your newsroom who have had experiences of their own (Sasha Mohammed's brother was kidnapped).

3. Gregory Sloane Seale. Yes we know he is an advocate for troubled youths, and a large number of crimes are committed by young people. But you did not establish that link with your report, nor did you establish how he came to speak about the crimes that are being committed against little children, like Shania.

In Media Watch's estimation, you missed the mark there because if you truly wanted to incorporate that aspect into your report, from day one you should have established the links in your viewers' minds, then fleshed out each idea separately. Then you failed to speak with the one person who has been the main advocate in the senate for laws to protect children, and that's Diana Mahabir Wyatt. Where was she in all of this?
And why didn't you speak with the Social Development Minister, under whose portfolio many of these issues are linked?

So overall your series was not effective. It left too many holes, and you looked bored while interviewing La Guerre and Sloane Seale, as if you weren't interested in issues they were speaking about.

Back to the drawing board.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Justin Dookhi of 91.1FM, two things.
You take the scripture out of context, and it would have been funny to see you drop that "big mama jammer boulder" onto the mixing console.
What was so funny about your rant?


Curtis Williams of C News reporting on the 2nd Battalion of the regiment being confined to barracks since Monday.
The story though falls a bit flat because there was so much hype in the headlines. When you finally did the report, you said rumours of financial impropriety were scoffed at, while you also read a statement from Brigadier Edmund Dillon that the prerogative of confining regiment members to the barracks was the prerogative of a senior officer, in charge of the services and support battalion.
But we are still left wondering what was the real reason behind the confinement.


The two Charlenes picked up the story of Shania who fell out of a window yesterday.
CNMG's Ramdhanie gave an update on the child's condition, of course using all the video that was shot inside the "day care centre" apartment after the incident.
TV6's Stuart on the other hand went the way of talking to the Social Development Minister about the upsurge in incidents involving young children, with video of the area and the outside of the apartment building (remember they did not cover the story on Thursday).
CNC 3 also covered the story today. Jameela Constance spoke with an anonymous friend of the woman with whom the children had been left, while another woman said it's a "dutty" place.


IETV had poor audio throughout the newscast. Very difficult to sit through.


Well better late than never. TV6 finally reported on the little girl who fell out of a window at a high rise apartment in Port of Spain.
But the story came in position number 4 in the noon newscast, but there was no establishing video, 12 hours into the day.
What was the difficulty in sending a cameraman to get some shots of the building, or even asking the Express for the picture?


C News, why is Desha Rambhajan off centre in the shot as she reads the news? You have a huge silver C on her right, then a smaller red C on her left arm.
Is she the subject or the C?

Desha, it's Sangre Chiquito, not Sangre Chiquitito (sounds like you got it mixed up with the Abba song).


Valene Maharaj is back in Trinidad and Tobago after participating in the Miss World pageant in China.
But according to Kristy Ramnarine of the Express, when she arrived at Piarco on Thursday evening, she was decked out in a " Bobby Ackbarali design with black pomps...".
Media Watch is sure you meant 'pumps', but someone should have checked your script before it was printed.


Poor Keisha (Good Morning POS on TV6).
Your helpers need to vet those interviewees for you. That man who would not stop talking about Dwayne Bravo and kept pointing to his head and rocking back and forth, for a minute there we thought he was going to attack you.


Tut tut. TV6 completely misses the story of Shania who fell out of an apartment window at George Street. Not 7pm, not 10pm, not 6am. How is that possible? George Street is right in your back yard.
The incident occurred at 1pm, your colleague Julien Neaves of the Express has a photo of police on the scene and he interviewed eyewitnesses. No collaboration? Your producer needs to find a way to fix that.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


The Guardian is reporting that little Shania Small is in critical condition at the Mount Hope hospital after her fall.
CNMG reported at 9pm that she fell to her death.


Well, well, the Guardian certainly gets a jump on the competition by posting its Friday paper on the web site by 9.30pm Thursday.
The lead is the little girl who fell out of the window.


C News, can you please provide your reporters with lapel mics for their sit down interviews?
This is the second night that we are seeing Hema's outstretched arm holding the mic with the mic flag as she interviews Dr Hamid Ghany. On Wednesday it was Dr Azard Mohammed.
Looks unprofessional (and makes you look cheap).


They are really giving it to us tonight!
Here's CNC 3's Otto Carrington: "trottle" (throttle), "by de" (by the), "de engine" (the engine), "dat" (that).


Hema, you are certainly brightening up the C News set.
You are finally getting the point that you should wear what suits you. The pastel colours you have been wearing of late make you look young and very professional.
Black is not for everyone.
But can you please crack a smile every now and then?


Well Nathalie, your little slip up is nothing compared to CNC 3's Jameela Constance.
"Tursday" (Thursday), "Mark-Nichols" (McNicols), "buddy" (body), "boat" (both), "towe-zand" (thousand), "bore-row" (bureau), "wit" (with); and that's all in ONE story!
STEUPS! Clearly no one vetted your final voice report before you hit the air. Your bosses are doing you a great disservice, allowing you to embarrass yourself and the station.


Krystal Rawlins of C News thanks for the tribute to Lord Kitchener.
You interviewed his former wife and showed us inside Rain-O-Rama which has been turned into a museum.
But you could have pulled some pictures of Kitch off the internet (easy Google search). Not sure why you ended the story with a shot of Kernel Roberts standing in front of his father's picture.
But again the story was one-sided.
At least your voice is well modulated. You sound much better than you did at TV6.


Nathalie Chrysostom of TV6, take your time with the pronunciation. The little boy who was allegedly forced to eat from a box that was thrown away complained to "his mudder"?


CNC and CNMG lead with the story of the little girl who fell out of an apartment window in Port of Spain. But is she two or three years old?
It's in keeping with the recent cases of unattended, abused and murdered children. Human interest stories especially involving children always draw attention.
Charlene Ramdhanie, the best (and most hilarious) sot in your story was from the woman who said the day care centre where the child was staying was raided by police "...this year, but ah didn't mark de date."
But Charlene your cutaways were really shaky and some were out of focus.

TV6 began with the Works Minister announcing the opening date of parliament. They did not carry the story of the little girl.
Francesca Hawkins is sitting in for Shelly Dass on CNC.


Maxine your reporter Robin Morais needs a desperate dose of voice training. What? Are you so short staffed that you can't let him go off to train for a few weeks before you unleash him on your unsuspecting viewers again?


Maxine Maharaj at IETV News the black jacket you are wearing is such a harsh colour, along with the hair and the spectacles.
And we hope your teleprompter does not crash because you look like you need some practice in shuffling the scripts as you read.


Allyson Hennessy and De Original De Fosto Himself are calling for Kitchener's famous home to be made into a national museum, to help preserve his legacy.
Worth exploring.


The Guardian's Asha Javeed gives a very well written, comprehensive report on how a sewing class in Penal is helping to reduce poverty in the area:
Great headline too.
Asha this story would make a great tv piece. Why not pitch the idea to your sister station CNC 3?


The Guardian's headline "Deadbeat mom faces abandonment charge" certainly grabs your attention, but it's the wrong term.
The story written by Anita Gumbs-Sandiford says "A decision will be made today on whether a charge will be laid against a 24-year-old female relative who abandoned two-year-old baby boy Kaleb Toby...".

Anita perhaps you just have an overzealous editor, or maybe you had some input, but your use of the phrase "deadbeat" is wrong.
According to Wikipedia, "Deadbeat Dad or Deadbeat Mom are pejorative terms (primarily U.S.) that are commonly used by the child support agency to refer to men and women who have fathered or mothered a child but fail to pay child support...".
It says nothing about abandonment. Here's an example of a website detailing the search for "deadbeat" dads and moms:
Kaleb's mother is therefore not deadbeat. She's more misguided and frustrated.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Thanks Darryl Heeralal for clearing the air on the story of the young woman who was injured in the Barataria accident last Saturday.

"ELIZABETH MUNROE-GOPAUL had successful surgery yesterday, and thankfully, her doctors were able to save her second leg."
"The Express had wrongfully reported that both Munroe-Gopaul's legs were lost resulting from the accident."

So the Guardian's Carol Matroo was correct.


Two nights in a row and no Shelly Dass. David Abdullah is sitting in for The Big Story tonight.
Shelly what's up?
Withdrawal syndrome or early retirement?


Another report/interview with Robocop making allegations against the "pole-leece": that a hit is out on his head etc.
This time it's CNC 3's Samuel McKnight.
Media Watch has several observations:

1. Why are you giving him free air time to make these allegations?
Do you think you owe it to him since he was acquitted?

2. Why did your story end without a response from the police even denying the allegations?
Don't they deserve the right of reply?



Roger did you chop up one of Rosemarie's curtains to make that tie you wore for the news tonight?


Hema of C News you look rather unhappy tonight. What's up?
Maybe you are unhappy about that interview you did with Dr Azard Mohammed on energy issues. The camera was way too high so all we saw was the side of his face and the bald spot on the left side of his head.
Then when the cameraman felt like including you in the shot you looked so stiff in your low-cut blue jacket.


CNMG live to Naette Lee at the Pleasantville Sen. Comp.
The lighting wasn't too hot, but overall good effort.
Naette is stepping up to the plate.


So did Elizabeth Munroe-Gopaul lose one leg or two?
On Sunday and Monday, news reports told us that she lost one leg on impact at the accident site in Barataria, and the other leg was amputated at hospital.
But the Guardian's Carol Matroo is telling us today that the young woman "...lost her right leg...", and that her mother is "seriously looking at acquiring A prosthetic leg for her daughter."
So which is it?


TV6, the "Thai King Honored"? As far as Media Watch is aware, Trinidad goes with the English spelling, not American, so that graphic should be "Thai King HONOURED".

And Raymond Edwards, at the end of your newscast, your headline was that Jamaicans are heading back to the polls for elections. But if someone was just tuning in to your newscast and caught the headlines, they would have got the impression that it's another general election. Is that what you were saying? And this was cemented by the fact that you showed a shot of Portia Simpson Miller, who was defeated at the general election.
Don't let the viewers go away with unanswered questions.

And CNC 3, why are you using a soundbite from the Works Minister at yesterday's opening of the new ferry terminal in your noon news? Just because you did not have a newscast last night does not mean it's a fresh story, because all the other stations used it, and it's splashed across the newspapers today.


Satesh Mahabir apologised for the station being off the air last night. He said there was an electricity blackout at their St Vincent Street head office. That explains it.
But Rosemarie you didn't buy a generator?

TV6 why did you use video from the last Hilton drowning to cover the latest drowning, without even using a file video super? And you used those shots over and over.

Raymond Edwards over at C News, please sit up when you read the news at "high noon". You look as if you are slouching.


CNC 3 is back up and running this morning for the Early Morning show.
So we'll see Shelly tonight?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The Venezuela story was run again on TV6 at 10pm, and still without a response from the Venezuelan embassy.
And Yolanda said it's hoped that more "compatriots" will sign up to vote; makes it sound as if she wants people to vote.


TV6's Karen Cozier Phillip gives us a good example of how to write to pictures in the story of the little boy who has a degenerative disease.
When she says "...Hakim is confined to a bed or has to rely on his mother to carry him around...", we actually see him on the bed then his mom carrying him. That's the way to go.
Point to note though Karen. "Crippled" may not be politically correct. Maybe you can use disabled or physically challenged instead.


Robert Dumas of C News, didn't you have any video of the actual awards ceremony for the Rally Association dinner on Saturday night?
The beginning of your package was covered with a few shots of people eating at the dinner, then a repeated shot of a yellow car on the rally trail, while you read out most of the names of those who collected awards. Not one shot of the winners.
It would have been more effective if you had scrapped the package and just done a graphic with the names of the winners as a voice over.


No 7pm newscast on CNC 3.
Shelly we missed you tonight. We were looking forward to our daily dose of overkill and melodrama, but alas it was not meant to be.
Who was the saboteur?


Kudos to C News for trying to keep up the momentum following the general election with their Portfolio 101.
It's an in-depth look at the various government ministries; how they function and what they really do. You seem to be planning your strategy for the local government election which is just around the corner.
Everyone else has already moved on. Hope they are planning too.


TV6 has some more multi-national voices. Guess it goes with the name Caribbean Communications Network.
But Yolanda Morales Carvalho, with the heavy Spanish accent, needs some voice training before we hear from her again. Her voicing is very disjointed.
To Media Watch, that story on the outcome of the Venezuelan referendum sounded like a group of disenchanted anti-Chavez exiles held a street party in Port of Spain.
What was the response from the Venezuelan Embassy?
And why was the story cut on the air?


Charlene Ramdhanie of C News, what was the point of that interview with Selwyn "Robocop" Alexis? Weren't you expecting him to deny involvement in the recent kidnappings?
What did you say to your producer to convince him or her to give you a camera to go do that piece?


Cherise at TV6 why do you persist in wearing black?
It ages you and shows up the flaws in your make up as well as it highlights that you need a hair cut.


Sharmilla Persad of TV6, what were you asking Prof. John La Guerre? Something about crime?
The end of your question faded into thin air, so we have no idea what you were really asking. It made you sound weak.
You need to remember that you are in charge of the interview. Professor La Guerre's response was very strong. Stark contrast.
And since when is he a crime expert? Isn't he a political scientist?

And how can you classify that as a report? It was just one sound bite from him. Why were you even in the shot asking the question? Why didn't you script the question and start the shot with Prof. La Guerre's response?
Visually it was unappealing and it did not help your image - the camera was way too high on you, and you looked unprofessional holding that mic under your arm.
Get it right.


7:10 and still no CNC 3 news.


Sharon Hamilton of TV6, that's a comprehensive report on the TB scare at the Pleasantville school, but the lack of steady shots from your cameraman detracted from the overall look of the story.
Not one shot was from a tripod.
Maybe you should have a word with your cameraman.


CNMG's Hema Ramkissoon looks very intense but very pretty. Nice make up.


Oops! CNC 3 seems to be off the air at 7pm. What's wrong Rosemarie?


And Naparima College, new intercol champs, won "the winning coveted title"? Eh?


Giselle, that report your producer pulled from Eyewitness News off the internet made no sense.
Police found the decomposing body of a 65 year old woman in her apartment in the Flatbush area of 92nd Street in New York. Her nephew from Trinidad opened the house for the police. What is the woman's name? What is the nephew's name? That was perhaps the only link to Trinidad. Steups!
And of course the video quality was bad because you pulled it from the internet.
Please no token stories with a thread bare link to Trinidad with bad video. Makes you look desperate to fill your newscast.


Hey Giselle McIntyre of IETV, that skin tight copper-coloured shirt you are wearing to read the news is really inappropriate.
Remember you are not the skinniest girl on tv.
Are you heading to the club afterwards? Well you'll have no trouble getting in, but until then, please, please, please throw on a jacket.


Camini Marajh of the Express, Gregory Aboud of DOMA is asking some questions that you may be able to answer on the issue of Mariano Browne, following your "expose`".
You can ask your colleague Andy Johnson for a copy of the segment from today's Morning Edition.


Desha Rambhajan of CNMG, why so much facial and mouth expression while you read the morning news? Very distracting.
You still sound like you are clenching your teeth and thinking "Why do I have to read this story from last night?".
And who are Nawaz "Shahriff" and "Behnazar" Bhutto?

Where is Sophia Khan Daniel?


TV6 has a new weatherman. Well he's not so new; he's been voicing the morning weather reports for a while, but he is now presenting the weather reports at 7pm. Damian is it?
Nice voice, but try not to go overboard on the intonation.
So what happened to Joey Stevens?


We start with TV6.
Charlene Stuart, we heard Mariano Browne say his name when he was sworn in. No need to say "Mr Browne as he was sworn in...". Your colleague Sasha Mohammed often uses that style.

Whose idea was it to rehash those soundbites from Dr Hamza Rafeeq and Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj from Rebekah's funeral from Sunday? This is 7pm Monday, more than 30 hours after the event. What was the earth-shattering content in those soundbites that had to be used again??? And if it was so important, why wasn't it used on Sunday at 7pm???
And to whoever wrote the story, your institutional memory should have kicked into high gear to point out the irony of Dr Rafeeq calling for a return to the death penalty when his colleague Mr Maharaj has been a vocal opponent of this in recent times.

Miss John and her "sair-rees" (series).

Sharmilla Persad's "special series" on crime figures is strikingly similar to the report done by Denyse Renne in the weekend Express, complete with how many people were allegedly killed by police officers this year.
Was it a collaboration, as in Sharmilla voiced Denyse's story? Then you need to say so, and add "You can read more on that story in tomorrow's Express." Otherwise Sharmilla you needed to flesh out the report much more.
The impact on relatives is missing completely. Why didn't you start with some natural sound of a crying relative, or a police siren, or something other than your voice? It's a special report, not a regular news story. Do something special with it!
And isn't the music that was used at the end a piece that is used for some other report during the week?
Finally your stand up needs work. What were you wearing?

Your colleague Shabaka Kambon needs some pronunciation lessons. Shabaka what is "em-blah-zoned"? And "albeit" is NOT pronounced "al-be-it" as in the R&B singer Al B. Sure.

And Samantha the south policeman in the news is Chandraban Maharaj, NOT Chandra.

Marcia Braveboy over at CNC 3, you and Sharmilla need some wardrobe tips to help improve your stand ups. Here is a suggestion:


Josanne Leonard is boasting about putting Dr Keith Clifford "on the bench" today (CNC 3's Early Morning Show). She has apparently shifted Keith to the right side of the set (your left) so she can sit closer to the guests on her left.
Second day on the job and already she is taking over.
Well Josanne hopefully you can also address the boring music for the Front Page segment, and talk to your director about all that wasted head room on the two shot of yourself and Keith.


Jessie May you look great today.


Sampson Nanton, the new minister in the ministry of finance is Mariano Browne, not Mariano Brong.
Hope we don't have to press Rosemarie to send you for some lessons too.


Newsday you have a great front page with the little boy who was abandoned.
Media Watch does not usually comment on events, but the doctors and nurses at the San Fernando general hospital deserve some kudos for taking good care of little "Kaylem", and not abandoning him as well.


Richard Charan of the Express, that suspected anaconda story is very well crafted.
It would be great (no joke) if you could follow it up with your own sighting. Dave Persad is known for his great photos.
Media Watch can see the headline: "Trini Loch Ness Monster".


Denyse Renne of the Express, why does your story on the alleged Colombian drug dealer begin with the phrase "In the spirit of the Christmas season..."?
At no point do you even try to flesh this out.
Did the Colombian tell the magistrate that he wants Santa to visit him in a private cell? Or that he wants to hold a Christmas party for invited guests?
You see, when you do things like that, you leave the reader with the (correct) impression that it was just hype to get them to continue reading the story. So when they finish the story and still have questions on their mind, they go away thinking STEUPS!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Shelly Dass of CNC 3, why are you reporting at noon Monday on that NCC tour of the Savannah which took place on Sunday morning?
Same soundbites used last night and already splashed across the newspapers today.
Steups! News so scarce today?


Roger Sant, the Port of Spain mayor's name is NOT Murchinson Brown, but Murchison Brown.

And TV6, the name of the young woman who was killed at Flanagin Town is Rebekah Sugrim, NOT Rebekha.


Mariano Browne is sworn in; packages from Charlene Stuart at TV6 and Sherwin Long of CNMG to start the noon newscasts.
CNC 3 starts with the TCL protest, then goes to the Browne story.


Josanne, your questions for your guests are way too long.
You are giving the woman speaking about domestic violence monologues before you actually ask your questions.


CNC 3's word of the day is "soporific", embodied by Early Morning Show host Dr Keith Clifford.


Dr Keith Clifford has a new co-host on CNC 3's Early Morning Show. It's Josanne Leonard. Cordielle Street left the show last Friday.
Josanne is a veteran in the media industry having worked for several radio and tv stations.
Her most recent stint saw her moonlighting over at TV6 during the November general election.
Only time will tell what the chemistry will be like between the new co-hosts.
But who is the new producer? Their main segment on Monday morning is "Christmas in the City", a one on one interview with Port of Spain Mayor Murchison Brown.


First Up's Fazeer Mohammed collected his Hilton award certificate from his colleague Jessie May Ventour on the show this morning (CNMG/91.1FM).
He seemed truly surprised to have won in the category of Best Talk Show Host and said, tongue in cheek, "Well standards real drop in Trinidad and Tobago".
Jessie May was really excited about the award and encouraged Fazeer to open his certificate. What's the prize? Complimentary Sunday brunch for two at the Hilton Trinidad. And what was his response? "Yuh know we in de media love a free (meal)".
He also said it's good to be recognized.


So the Hilton Trinidad's General Manager is the new voice of media awards in Trinidad and Tobago?
The Express has the story with some of the "awardees" all smiles with their trophies.
"CCN's Sunity Maharaj received the Lifetime Award in Television while the Newsday's John Babb received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Print." (Neither one is pictured).

Granted Hilton GM Ali Khan has been living in Trinidad for some years and throws some interesting parties that media people are invited to so they can rub shoulders with him, but does that make him an expert on what constitutes good "media"?
What is the judging criteria for the various categories? Who is on the panel of judges? Steups! Is this "award" show sanctioned by the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago?
Remember now that MATT used to hold an annual media awards ceremony in conjunction with RBTT, but that has been on hold for the last few years, so maybe new MATT president Joanne Briggs can bring us up to speed on that.

Last year BPTT launched its Luminaries of Journalism Awards, again a corporate body deciding to pat journalists on the back for what they perceive as good "media". What's their judging criteria?

Seems that anyone can now conjure up an awards scheme for journalists and it will be totally accepted. Why? Because journalists feel they need to be patted on the back so it doesn't matter who hands out awards or what criteria is used for judging?

PS Express for your "Excellence in Journalism" story you spelt the name of your sister station's news presenter Samantha John wrong.
Hope this award means her bosses will send her to pronunciation school.


English and math sometimes don't mix, as in Darryl Heeralal's story "Legs lost in mishap: Driver faces charges" in the Monday Express.
Darryl writes that 11 people were injured in the accident, but he names only 9: Elizabeth Munroe-Gopaul, Emile Gopaul, Britney Hinds, Kelvin Lambert, Terrance Stewart, Simeon King, Joel Ellis, Reginald Sharpe and the car's driver.
So who are the other two?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


The Express again.
Here's a sentence from Denyse Renne's Sunday story 'Murderers elude cops': "These four have been added to the detection figure and is known as "closed detected"."


Interesting report from TV6 on the Venezuelans voting on their country's referendum on constitution reform. Pretty bad audio on the interviews though.
Keisha David we see that you interviewed psychic Yesenia Gonzalez. Did you ask for a prediction on the vote?


Samuel McKnight of CNC 3, Media Watch is nominating you for the next batch of voice training at your station.


Denise Balgobin of the Newsday, there are usually two or three sides to every story, but we only got one in your Rain-O-Rama piece.
When can we expect to see the rest of the story?


Ria Rambally of IETV News, does your editor know the difference between Queen's Royal College and Knowsley?
In your story on preparations for Carnival, you were speaking about QRC, but we saw a shot of the Foreign Affairs building.


Joan Rampersad of the Newsday got a jump on the competition by writing her year end review of cultural/entertainment events in Trinidad one month before it's normally scheduled.
In the Sunday edition, her review is titled "Blame Akon for shaming us", but Media Watch is not so sure about the title.
Was that really the most important thing that happened on the local entertainment scene this year? What was the criteria for picking that headline?


Media Watch is guessing someone at the Express was in a real hurry to print Darryl Heeralal's story on the accident at Barataria.
No checking of the English.

"ONE young lady's both legs were severed, a man lost a eye and seven other were people badly hurt,...".

Come on. Did your reader's editor have the weekend off?

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Cordielle Street, producer/host of CNC 3's Early Morning Show has left for (we hope) greener pastures.
Miss Street (as her co-host Keith Clifford likes to refer to her), bid farewell to her colleagues at the Guardian and viewers on Friday.
So where exactly are you heading Cordielle?