Thursday, May 29, 2008


Andy Johnson at TV6, one of your fans, NN, has some questions for you.

"When I saw Andy on 'Talking Point" last night (Wednesday), I really thought they were trying to end his career prematurely. It would be impossible to do night and morning shows on the same day for any period of time.
"Moving him from the morning might spell trouble for TV6 though as Andy seems to be the glue that's holding together a shaky on-air current affairs/news presence.
"I agree that TV6 should seriously consider a nighttime current affairs programme to rival CNC3 and CNMG. What's lacking on those 2 stations is some creativity as regards set and host... They need something for God's sake that relieves the viewer from these unexciting, monotonous shots of talking heads!
"I highly doubt TV6 is the station to bring us something different. They'll probably just lift some idea from FOX or CNN like they did with the tickers during the news...steups..."


We were going to post something on the discrepancies in the reporting on the autopsy of 8 year old Hope.
Once again the reporters seem to not have a handle on the basic information that could really just come from the horse's mouth so-to-speak, either a policeman or the coroner.
But it's been reported in the 7pm news on TV6, shortly before 7.30pm that the man accused of killing the little girl was found hanging in his cell at the remand yard of the Golden Grove prison, with his wrists slit.


TV6's Andy Johnson is speaking with COP head honchos Dr Sharon Goipaul Mc Nichol and Prakash Ramadar.
The CG operator at least amended the spelling to Dr Gopaul McNichol's name, but left the incorrect spelling on Mr Ramadhar's name (check COP's website

PS Andy, it's about time TV6 has a prime time talk show, CNC and CNMG both have one, but you don't want to run yourself ragged.
If the show on Wednesday night was your initiative, great, and we know you can do a great job, but let's hope Head of News Dominic Kallipersad runs with the vision, expands the show and finds a suitable host.
Maybe you would consider switching from AM to PM?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A thumbs up for TV6 from this reader.

"Kudos TV6 for having the foresight to interview Professor Biko Agozino (Acting Head of Behavioural Science at the UWI) on what goes on in the mind of a child killer.

"What causes someone to commit such heinous crime and what signs to look for in such a person. A deeper insight into the killing of little Hope.



We'll stick with the story of Hope for now.
In the Express, Richard Charan writes that "Last Saturday night, Ranjoon said she went to work at a supermarket in Chaguanas and left Hope in the care of a male companion. She said Hope called her at 9 a.m. to say the man was preparing a meal of chicken and fries. Ranjoon said when she reached home at 11 a.m., the apartment was empty....That tenant said she locked her doors at 8.30 p.m. Ranjoon panicked."

While in the Newsday story written by Rhondor Dowlat, "The man was taken into custody early Sunday morning, after Hope’s mother Sherma Rajoon, 48, reported to the Freeport police that she did not find Hope at home when she got in after work at about 11 pm on Saturday." (,79651.html)

The Guardian's Camille Clarke and Rhondor Dowlat spell the mother's name as "Rajoon", but Richard Charan spells it as 'Ranjoon'.
And both Miss Dowlat and Mr Charan give the suspect's age as 28, but Miss Clarke gives his age as 30.

At the end of Miss Clarke's story, she adds this piece from the Chaguanas Mayor. "Mayor of Chaguanas Dr Surujrattan Rambachan said Central was under siege by the criminal elements. “We are concerned about the bodies. Central is a hotbed of crime. There are robberies of families and murders,” Rambachan said. He added that 100 central police officers had been relocated to Port-of-Spain Division. “Central is suffering from political vindictiveness when they should be here,” he said."
What does this statement have to do with the death of a child at the hands of a relative?

Richard Charan on the other hand writes "Chaguanas Mayor Suruj Rambachan joined the mourners behind the crime-scene tape yesterday. He said crime was out of control, the State was powerless, and all hope was lost."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just a few things about the 7pm news.
All the stations led their newscasts with the discovery of the body of 8 year old Hope.
TV6's anchor Samantha John did a telephone interview, for want of a better word, with Sharmilla Persad. But as soon as Miss Persad said her piece, she went straight back to Samantha, who thanked her then immediately said "In other news..." without so much as a pause. Tsk tsk.

So, was the the three month old baby who died, Omarion, a boy or a girl?
Shelly Dass of CNC 3 began telling us about Omarion by saying 'the baby boy', then half way through the story she switched on us and said it's a girl, and one of the doctors whose soundbite was used in the story said 'she'. Was he referring to the child or the mother?
But CNC's sister paper the Guardian has the story, written by Rhonda Krystal Rambally, and the child is a boy (

While Samantha stuck to using the words 'child' and 'infant' in her story as if whoever wrote it was not sure of the child's gender.
Then she went to a story about a report on sexual abuse of junior secondary school students, and went straight to the People Meter question which was whether viewers felt sexual abuse and poverty were 'casuing' crime and violence. Steups!

And Samantha, one more thing. These things are not your fault, but you and your producer should have paid closer attention to those scripts. You came back up later in the newscast with a soundbite from a woman you said was 'the last person to see Hope alive'. Well, we hate to break it to you, but she couldn't have been the last person to see Hope alive, unless she was present along with the man who confessed to killing her.

And there were two television reports of this story on Monday and Tuesday evening where persons being interviewed called the name of the suspect, and the name was not edited out. The report on Monday with Hope's mother naming the suspect, and on Tuesday, the neighbour who gave an interview to TV6 at the sight where the child's body was found.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Here's a bit from Cricinfo on the wrap of the first test between West Indies and Australia, written by Brydon Coverdale.
Just in case.


"While there were enough positives to cover Australia's weaknesses, West Indies would be deeply disappointed to have come so close to challenging the world's best team only to fall back into their old habits. Despite passages of brilliance through the Test - notably Fidel Edwards' bowling and Chanderpaul's 118 - they were unable to maintain the intensity for five days."


Nah! It look too bad for the Legal Counsel for Suez LNG and the Chairman of the Hindu pre-school to be holding both the TV6 and CNMG microphones while they gave addresses at the handing over of a cheque.
So neither cameraman left their office with microphone stands? But then they could say it's not their fault since they were not given any before leaving the office.
But maybe the Boy Scouts motto would come in handy next time - Be prepared!


Oh gosh CNMG, get it right!
You have a story from Desha Rambhajan on the 3rd anniversary of the death of Keith Noel. The anniversary is May 26th. Her packaged story begins this way: "Tomorrow, May 26th,....".
So why use this story again at midday Monday (May 26th) when it was used in your 7pm newscast on Sunday, out of a march against crime which took place on Sunday morning????
And even if you want to steups in our face and say we will use it anyway, couldn't you have got one of your editors to just chop out the word "Tomorrow"?
Steups! Right back at you!


And here's another note for the Guardian.

"Can someone over at the Guardian explain why their lead story titled "New Opposition to Dean as CEO Chair." simply addressed Well know Government official Dr. Keith Rowley as just Keith Rowley?

"Yours of all Newspapers must lead by example. How may schools do you distribute your paper freely to again? Students learn and practice what they read.



Here's a response from one our readers who knows the identity of the writer of that piece on Chanderpaul.

"This Chanderpaul story was written by Cricinfo writer Brydon Coverdale:

"It's typical -- and disingenuous -- of the Guardian to palm off other people's work as if it's their own. I doubt that any Guardian sports reporter is capable of the level of reporting in this story. The only person I know who is that capable is Garth Wattley, and he works for the Express.


Thanks for your keen observation Mike. This is not the first time we have pointed out something like this, and like you say, it is disingenuous to say the least.


Some good vibes for the newlyweds.

"Well congratulations Satesh and I sure look forward to seeing you Co Present the news with Odeka O'Neil Seaton soon. If not at least the 9:30PM Newscast.
"Following your Sabbatical, you should be all bright faced and starry eyed for this leap."


Here's a post from a reader who has a question for the Newsday.

"Newsday is my favourite Newspaper, no one beats it for its outstanding headlines, but why did the Sunday Newsday feature Sports Minister Gary Hunt on its front page (,79565.html) with the headline texts reading:

"Racing Pool Murder"
"Couple Slain after Argument" and
"AG on UDeCOTT Inquiry - Don't judge yet"

"And then places insignificantly to the bottom left some thing about "Man of the Moment". And that happens to be about that very bold picture of the Sports Minister on the Front Cover.
All the daily News papers are guilty of this.
Well Newsday what can I say, thanks for the light piece amidst the gory headlines."

Sunday, May 25, 2008


TV6's Ashford Jackman had a very good wrap of the 4th day's play between the West Indies and Australia in the 7pm news on Sunday.
So did Fazeer Mohammed of CNMG. Roger Sant's report for CNC 3 wasn't bad either, but at the point where he talked about the collision for the catch, we saw a different shot.

PS Congrats to Satesh Mahabir, who tied the knot on Sunday.
But when CNC gave us the story, for the first ten seconds while Francesca was talking about the happy newlyweds, we saw a shot of Rosemarie and Roger Sant at the wedding. Hmmmm.


The Sunday Guardian has an excellent story on Shivnarine Chanderpaul's performance on Saturday in the first test match against Australia at Sabina Park, but there's no byline.

Friday, May 23, 2008


This reader, PH is not too convinced that there was unbiased reporting on this issue.

"Sasha Mohammed over at TV6 before Prime Minister Patrick Manning announced that there will be a Commission of Inquiry into UDeCOTT your package on that story for the 7PM newscast featured Opposition Chief Whip Lawrence Maharaj with four lengthy enough sound bites from him, one from Works Minister Colm Imbert and a five second sound bite from the Prime Minister, to which there was a total disconnect to the rest of the story. You just threw him in there Sasha, just to say you used a sound bite from the Prime Minister. Why? Well that sound bite lost your listeners, because it just did not connect, because of how you used it.

"The rest of that four minutes story was your loaded explanations and history of alleged wrong doings of UDeCOTT as pointed out by the Opposition.
So Sasha who are you working for? TV6 or the UNC Opposition? Stupes!
Dominic Kallipersad you need to reign in on Sasha's biased reporting and the many glittering generalities she consumes her reports with.

"Well CNC3 you broke a record, while you were first to break the news of the Prime Minister's announcement of the Commission of Inquiry, you gave us at least four minutes of his explanation for the Inquiry in your 9:30PM Newscast after Roger read a very short lead to the story, oops, that should be the Patrick Manning classic stand-up. Your audience was subjected to that very lengthy sound bite in your 8PM newscast as well.
"So no one saw it fit to package that story for the late night news? What happen Rosemarie Sant had the night off? Or is it that the UNC opposition has a mole in TV6 and Patrick Manning has a mole in CNC3? Stupes!

"This situation involving the glaring approach being taken by certain reporters to dance to the tune of some politicians is a lame duck, and it should be shot.



One of our readers would like to add to the suggestion on the best Journalism schools.

"Bonjour blogger,
Thanks for your tips and in particular your list of schools for those who would like to pursue studies in the field.
May I suggest for those who would wish to kill two birds with one stone i.e. sharpen journalism and foreign language skills simultaneously that the École Supérieure de Journalisme (ESJ) in Paris is a highly recognised option. There is also the Institut Supérieur de Formation au Journalisme.

"Given our geographic location in the Caribbean which comprises Spanish, French, Dutch and English speaking peoples it would be useful to combine foreign language studies with mass communications.


"Best regards"


Here's a correction from Mike in response to our post titled 'Subject Verb', which was directed at Robert Dumas. It was in reference to the use of the word 'are' for teams.

"I think he used it correctly. Here's how I recall the rule works: If the team acts collectively, then we use a singular verb. So, for instance, "the team is playing well today." The team here is the sum of its parts acting together in harmony to achieve a particular goal. That is, they're acting as one, and so we use a singular verb.

"However, if the team members act individually or if we're referring to individual members of the team, then we use a plural verb. So, it's correct to say "the team are Mike, Joel, Harry etc." Or, "the team are weighing in the dressing room", because each member of the team is weighing and as it's more than one individual we use a plural verb.
"I struggled with this usage the first time I came across it. And I agree it does sound awkward. But I guess it's one of those idiosyncrasies of the language we have to live with?


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here's one final comment on Shelly Dass.

"Don't know if ur still "settling the score" blogger, but I for one enjoyed that Hunt/Warner interview. Glad that Shelly did it too, it made it more appealing to non- traditonal viewers. Ie..people who usually have no interest in sport, would have watched,to understand that it is a national issue. She also made it personable and entertaining. Rogers sport show was cancelled at cnc3 a while ago, wasn't it? Maybe that's why shelly had to do it. Or maybe Warner and Hunt agreed only to do the interview with her.. Point being we never know. Nice one though. Enjoying this new side of Shelly Dass that we're getting to see...less "barbie" more real.


And for those of you who want to make Journalism your chosen career and are committed to improving your craft, here's a list of the top 10 Journalism/Media schools in the United States and (11 for) the United Kingdom and links to their websites.
You're welcome.
(sources: &,15905,-5163904,00.html?start=0&index=3&index=3)

United States:
Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism

Columbia University (grad school only)

University of Missouri at Columbia

University of Georgia – Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Ohio University, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Arizona State University - Cronkite School

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism

Syracuse - S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

University of Maryland – Phillip Merril College of Journalism

University of Kansas – William Allen White School of Journalism

United Kingdom:
Nottingham Trent University

Warwick University

University College London

King's College London

Royal Holloway University of London

Anglia Ruskin University

University of Westminster

Loughborough University

University College for the Creative Arts

The University of the Arts

University of Leeds


Here's a website we came across while surfing the net - a list of the 100 top Journalism students in the United States.

These are the people who will be running the networks and replacing Oprah, Katie, Tom, and Lyse in the next few years.
Maybe you young reporters who may or may not have a Mass Communication or Journalism degree under your belt could learn a thing or two on what's really required.


Adding to the comments on Miss Dass.

"I like that poster "trini forever" - he/she had good wrap in just a few lines on how Shelly Dass over at CNC3 handled her Big Story with Sports Minister Gary Hunt and TTFF President Austin Jack Warner on Wednesday night. Quite a funny, hilarious and cute analysis.

"And yes Shelly why did you not see it fit to ask Roger Sant to Co host that session of the Big Story with you? ..all of you have lost track and no longer know how to utilize your resources appropriately. tut, tut.

"And Rosemarie when you started your Station you advertised programmes like Entertainment, Fashion, Culture, and proper coverage of the Caribbean; well madam Head of News now that you got your National License I hope you see it fit to fulfill those expectations you gave your audience."


The Express has the story on the murder of the young woman in Laventille in their Thursday edition written by Gyasi Gonzales.
But there are a few discrepancies.
On the front page of the newspaper and on the headline on the actual story, Marion Tudor's age is given as 18, but in the actual story (paragraph 2) Mr Gonzales writes that she was 19.

Then he wrote "Standing near to her was a young man,...", and then "The intended up and ran, leaving one of his shoes behind...".
So was the 'intended victim' sitting down or standing up when the gunman approached them?

But then the Guardian's Camille Clarke in her story makes no mention of another 'intended victim'.
"Police said Tudor had been on a step liming around 12.30 pm when a man walked up to her and had a short discussion.
The man opened fire on Tudor who ran a short distance, then collapsed in a pool of blood."

And while the Newsday writes that the murder figure for the year stands at 181, Gyasi Gonzales of the Express tells us that the figure is 187.

So, who has the correct version? Maybe we need to start calling the police stations ourselves to get the correct version for our readers.


Stacy Moore of the Newsday, we see you gave in to the pressure from your seniors to use the six year old girl's name and photograph for your story in the Wednesday edition (,79329.html).
Tsk tsk. What purpose did that serve? How does it ease her swelling or her fever to now have everyone identify her?
Oh but that wasn't the point. The point was that 'everyone else named her' and you didn't want to appear to be scooped, so you just had to go with the flow.


And just as we predicted, Shelly's refereeing between Mr Hunt and Mr Warner was again showcased on the Early Morning Show on CNC3.
But even though it was titled "Settling the Score" by Shelly, we really don't think anything was settled between the two men.
What was probably settled was the fact that people watch The Big Story when big names are on, and Shelly needs to brush up on her refereeing skills, and also realise that she can't do everything by herself.
Learn to ask for help.


And here are a few suggestions for CNC's Head of News, Rosemarie Sant from PH.

"Rosemarie Sant over at CNC3 are you pulling a fast one?
There were complaints about Roger Sant's tired face so you decide to give us a double dose of Shelly. We see her in the major and main newscast at 7:00PM and then again at 9:30PM.

"Well Shelly does look refreshing in the 9:30 but Rosemarie you have to decide if you want to waste her in both newscasts or have her do one or the other. Again I ask where is Satesh Mahabir? Why is he not good enough to present the 9:30PM newscast?
"Well Rosemarie It looks like Bobby Hicks would be presenting the late night news on TV6 - plenty competition there, so you will need to put someone with some appeal in your 9:30 and that looks like Shelly Dass.

"Shelly you may want to test your strength a bit and see what audience you can bring to the late night news on CNC3, after all it is a Prime spot and it will be refreshing to see you there.
Odeka O' Neil you may want to make a run for that shift as well.
Gayelle at 11:00PM is a big deal, I never miss it. Late night news is cool.
"Rosemarie if you insist on two presenters for your 7PM newscast why not a male and female? It's a much nicer blend as you would notice from looking at BBC and CNN, even FOX.
You can risk placing Satesh on set with Odeka since the other presenters at 7PM excepting Paolo Kernahan over at Gayelle are not that strong. And you will still have your ethnic mix in tact.

"Just a few suggestions Rosemarie, because your station truly has potential but you seem to have difficulty spreading out the talent you have to work with. What's causing that? So far it looks like some are being pushed more than others, give Satesh some more exposure so he can come into himself.
And while you're at it Rosemarie, do consider giving Nadaline Singh and Neil Beekhee a try at presenting. You can afford to do this in your 10am and 11am updates."


This reader/viewer was really pissed off with the fact that Shelly seemed to be left on her own.

"Why the heck couldnt Rosemary Sante or whoever make arrangements for ANYONE to pull the soundbites from Shelly Dass 's show??
GOD how infuriating!!!! I dont expect Miss Dass to run outside the studio and do it herself, to be fair, she looked like she had her hands full doing the late news AS WELL, but couldnt Roger, or anyone in the sports department help her? ANYONE? CNC3, you shoot yourself in the foot. Shelly Dass had the BEST exclusive I've seen in a while, but does she not get any help with support? STEUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a lazy station. LAZY!


And another comment for Shelly:

"Shelly Dass and her refereeing:
I too noticed that and decided to switch to Fox News to look at Sean Hannity and Andy Colms do their refereeing thing. I could tolerate it there since their station is a commentary channel as oppose to main stream media that deals with hard news.
I could live with that.
Shelly needs to decide if she wants to get into commentary or stick with Hard News."

Actually we think Roger Sant would have done a better job with this interview, because he would have been able to broaden the issue, based on his knowledge of football and the subject.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here's one for Shelly from trini forever.

"Oh my God!!! I love it. Shelly Dass is the best. She let them run away enough for good tv...but told them sternly (and funnily) "ok gentlemen, I said ok..hold on!!) Jack warner kept quipping, Hunt kept provoking, Shelly in the middle....hilarious!"

Steups! Well clearly she didn't think to ask her boss to have someone work late so while she was producing and hosting both The Big Story and the 9:30pm news, someone would be pulling soundbites from the said referee match for the newscast.


There Shelly goes again, with a story from Roger Sant in the sport section of the newscast (at 9:50pm) on this whole football issue. And again the story is from Gary Hunt's press conference today prior to his 1:30pm meeting with Jack Warner.
Oh gosh, it's more than 20 minutes since The Big Story ended! So no one was asked to work late so you could have soundbites edited in time for the 9:30pm news?
Sampson and Roger left early, what about Satesh or Vinood or even a production assistant just to pull a soundbite?


But Shelly, you just had the two men at the center of your controversy on your set, so why close to the top of your 9:30pm newscast are you using that story that Roger Sant did on Gary Hunt's press conference early today?

And you are using a telephone interview from Jack Warner before his 1:30pm meeting with the minister today responding to several issues, and which was used during the midday news. What?
So you couldn't get someone to just edit up two quick soundbites from the two men from the show tonight for the news?
Oh let's guess, you want The Big Story stuff to be fresh fodder for the CNC Early Morning Show at 6am tomorrow?
Double steups! News is timely and it would have been timely for someone who missed your live interview to get the soundbites from Mr Hunt and Mr Warner as soon as the show is finished in time for the news!


Here's a comment about Shelly's refereeing skills.

"Oh oh, Well Joel your interview with Sports Minister Gary Hunt was not so exclusive as I thought, so kudos for having interview him live in your newscast on Wednesday night.
"Now over to CNC3 where TTFF President Jack Warner and Minister Hunt are tugging it off on the Big Story with Shelly Dass in the middle, clad in what appears to be a black and white garb.
"Well Shelly it looks like you made a conscious effort to play referee between these two men, nice, very nice. And you did well with your referring, trying to help the men resolve their issues on your show and all.
"And Shelly when Mr. Warner said "Mr. Hunt came into office to crush sports" even you would have given anything to see your face in the moment, it looked like you felt crushed by those words. Good to know you have feelings Shelly, good to know."

Tell us what you thought of the interview. Was the score settled? How did shelly do?


Shelly wears a new hat - football referee.


Jack Warner arrives on the set of The Big Story at 9pm.


The Big Story begins at 8:38pm with Gary Hunt on set. Shelly says Jack Warner called to say he is running late.
BTW Shelly, was that your cell phone that went off while Mr Hunt was speaking?


Well the cat is finally coming out of the bag.
Here's what someone who wants to remain anonymous has sent us regarding the non-meeting.

"When I got to that supposedly MATT meeting at CNMG that Saturday in April (actually was May), Angelica Hunte was there, it was Tony Fraser that left.
"I couldn't understand why they did not proceed with the meeting with Angelica with the few media workers and reporters/journalists that turned up? The size looked reasonable to me."


And Lara Pickford-Gordon, can you believe we got another nasty email (posted to us from the blog site with a bogus email address) following the post about "Touching Nerves"? Interesting.
Guess we touched more than one nerve.


Here are some comments for Joel Villafana of TV6 following his live interview with Sports Minister Gary Hunt.

"You know Joel Villafana over at TV6 I would really like to commend you for having interview the elusive Minister of Sports Mr. Gary Hunt live in Studio this evening (May 21, Wed), but his approach to the media has been too dismissive, not to mention abrasive to some degree in some respects - so instead I would have to ask Joel what was the compromise? A softball interview as was obvious.

"And at the end of the interview Joel you noted that you've been speaking to the Minister on the impact of the situation regarding the Sport Ministry and the TTFF, this Football dilemma could mean a serious blow to sport tourism in Trinidad and Tobago and have a severe impact on business Tourism as well Joel.
So you sugar coated your way into what supposedly is a first with the mighty and elusive Gary Hunt; very good Joel.

"Now can you tell us when we are going to get that hardball interview with the illustrious Minister? After all both Mr. Hunt and the TTFF Executive Director Jack Warner have a duty to protect the image of this country and act more responsible.
And Joel when you get your interview with Mr. Warner which is fair game, do ask him why this matter could not have been resolved quietly.

Well PH and Joel, Hema Ramkissoon of CNC 3 spoke with Mr Warner live via telephone during the midday news Wednesday and Shelly Dass is expected to have both Mr Hunt and Mr Warner live on the set for The Big Story tonight.


We are enjoying Gerard Lampow's presentation of TV6's midday newscast. He is very comfortable (being a veteran in the business), and believable, and he does not have that smug look that Fabian Pierre began to wear.
But Gerard our only complaint is that we hope you sit up a bit. You look as if you are leaning far back in the chair, and the desk looks very high in front of you.
Sit on the edge of the seat and you will look and feel taller.

And your experience as a talk show host helped you with that easy wrap up on the seedlings to plant.
Very nice.

And Hema Ramkissoon at CNC3, thanks for that informative interview with former Senate President Michael Williams. He really explained some things that were a bit puzzling with respect to the JSC on Udecott, like the PM's suggestion that he would appoint an Independent Senator to chair the committee, but according to Mr Williams, the Standing Orders say that the committee members choose their own Chairman from among themselves.


A few weeks ago, the Media Association called a meeting that was supposed to be held at CNMG (on World Press Freedom Day).
The aim of the meeting was for "members of the association to come and share their concerns about threats to press freedoms in Trinidad and Tobago, whether from the public or the private sectors." The speakers were supposed to be "Angelica Hunte of United Nations Information Centre and veteran journalist Tony Fraser."

Well as we understand, the meeting never came off, mainly because journalists/reporters snailed in and the presenters left, so those who crawled in later just sat and chatted among themselves about media woes. Tsk tsk.

No wonder there's such a paucity of quality reporting in the media today if those who are in the profession for one reason or another refused to attend this meeting where they could get information on how to improve their craft.
Or perhaps there's the feeling that press freedom in Trinidad and Tobago is not under threat (especially since some journalists are allowed to write biased reports about their favourite or least favourite political parties or institutions without sanction).
Maybe if it was compulsory job training with a promise of refreshments MATT president Joanne Briggs probably would have had to beat them off with a stick!

Well Joanne, we will keep doing our thing on your behalf since it seems this is one of the few places where journalists can get free tips on how to improve their writing.
And feel free to write to us about upcoming MATT events. Who knows, we may pop in to get some advice ourselves.

BTW, At the meeting journalists were also supposed to get a chance to update their MATT membership. Can we ask what that membership figure is?


Gayelle has an interesting documentary on rooftop farming in Cuba (it's part of a wider documentary on life in Cuba under the communist regime).
Very timely considering the local 'food crisis'.
But we don't think there is a food crisis in T&T, since $1,200 football tickets have been snapped up (some say they were too cheap!), there are still long lines at every food court in the country, and high-end sneakers are still being bought for $1,500.
And when you go to the supermarket and peek into other people's carts, what do you see? Not just the basics of rice and flour, but non-essential snacks, gourmet foods and bottles of expensive wines.

While chatting with the TDC's Marketing Manager and Hilton Trinidad's Executive Chef, Debra Metivier, TV6's Andy Johnson also raised the point of high food prices, adding that people will still pay $300 to go to a food festival.

So is it that some people in Trinidad and Tobago are facing a food crisis while others are living in the lap of luxury, or is the problem just being exaggerated for particular reasons?
Have you been enlightened by the media on this subject or are you still as confused as we are?
We just think consumers need to be more discriminating in their purchases.


CNMG, why is reporter Sola James voicing that ad/promotion for T&T Fashion Week?
Can't you take a page out of TV6's book and hire a few designated voices? If you listen carefully, you will hear single alternating male and female voices on all their promos.
Sola, stick to reporting (and see our post titled 'Pay Them More').


Please reporters, the acronym for UDECOTT is Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago, not Company.
We saw a story on CMC about UDECOTT and the presenter said Urban Development Company. They didn't come up with that by themselves, and we see it cropping up locally as well.
When you are giving stories to the CMC, make sure your scripts are accurate.

PS The CMC also reported on a CDERA conference taking place in Antigua, where one official gave an interview on the size of an earthquake which may hit the Caribbean in the future.


Rowan Gould of Express TV, it seems you need to sit next to the person who edits your piece to ensure it's done properly (
We truly believe the editor used the wrong voice and video piece from you for your Tuesday edition, and then he/she botched the photos.

First of all, you start reading the headlines about the North Coast Road accident with your hands behind your back. Twelve seconds later, we see you put your hands at your side and while we continue hearing your voice, the editor apparently dubs in a shot of you standing with your mouth closed. Eh?

And couldn't your editor find a picture of Dana Seetahal in the Senate? The picture used (at 1:20) is one of her in her lawyer's garb, but you are referring to her in your report in the capacity of an Independent Senator [you have photos of Senate VP George Hadeed (:51) and Prof. Ramesh Deosaran (1:02) in the Senate for the same story].

Then during the story about Dr Keith Rowley (at 1:38), we see a photo of two female athletes exchanging air kisses. Eh?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Thank you Stacy Moore of the Newsday for your sensitive handling of the story of the 8 year old girl who beat the 6 year old after luring her out of the schoolyard in south Trinidad(,79250.html).
Not once in your story did you name either of the two girls or their relatives.

On the other hand, we understand TV6 interviewed the younger child's mother, who called her daughter's name. So don't you think people in their community would figure out who the child is?
What was the purpose of using that??? And by a process of elimination maybe everyone in the community would figure out who the 8 year old is?
Why do we have to go back to the question of the lack of concern for the welfare of children?
And yes Dale Enoch, the child's name was already called, so that was your reasoning for using the child's name on your radio station on Tuesday morning. So two wrongs make it right?
No, it was not a sexual offence, but don't you think TV6 and Mr Enoch that this matter should have been handled differently?

And Richard Charan of the Express, what was the point of printing the older girl's photo in your Wednesday edition? (
Something is wrong when her guardian, your cameraman, you and your editor allow that picture to appear in the newspaper.
Can you write and tell us what was the point? (
Selling a few more papers is more important than the emotional welfare of that child?
Where are the child rights advocates when you need them?


Comments and questions for CNC3.

"Ah Shelly Dass over at CNC3 you looked very nice on Monday night. Prettier in Pink. You see the reward for being away and returning refreshed?
"You should try presenting the 8PM newscast, for one it would bring an audience to the newscast given your capabilities and yes Shelly you will look like a fresh face in a fresh or new slot, you can always return to the seven at a later date. Just a thought.
"I did see you present the mid-day news sometime ago, and Shelly it was refreshing. And Roger Sant are you going to answer the call to have Astil Renn start presenting the Sports cast? I too am looking forward to that.
"Sampson Nanton you look hot again tonight (Monday 19) while presenting the 8:00PM newscast. And Rosemarie Sant when are we going to see Satesh Mahabir presenting the 9:30PM newscast? Does he still work at CNC3?


Lara Pickford-Gordon of the Newsday has a very interesting article in Monday's edition titled 'Harassment via Internet'
(,79220.html). She documents getting "a poison letter. The letter was typed and so was the address in an attempt to mask the author’s identity."

Well Lara we empathise with you because we have also been on the receiving end of hate "male" (and female), via fake names and email addresses such as 'christian!', 'sandyking1', 'curt williams', and many more, and the latest installment from 'ronald bhola' who writes "this blog is the product of a racist team (names called) attacks and villifies proper journalists and lacks credibility and integrity".
Well 'ronald', maybe you would also like to address that comment to all the people who continue to read this blog and send us comments about what they see and hear in the media.
So if you can't take constructive criticism from various quarters, then by all means, stop reading.

Lara Pickford-Gordon also writes "The letter came not long after I wrote a commentary on gossip and how dangerous it can be. The topic seemed to have touched a nerve for the individual to take pains to admonish me about wasting time on such topics...".
Well Lara, we also wonder whose nerve we touched recently?


Well, well, TV6 has another new face - Gerard Lampow. He and his wife Susan used to have their own show on TTT. Guess they liked his CV following the ad in the paper.
Well Gerard welcome on board, and here's the first reader's comment about your performance.

"Gerard Lampow - that's who read the TV6 News at Noon. Well Hema has some serious competition though Gerard need to decide when to lift his eye brow and when not to. Otherwise people won't know the difference in the intensity of the stories he is presenting on.
"Yes Gerard you pleated your forehead and lifted your eyebrow on approaching every sentence and all the expressions looked the same though the issues you presented were all different.
Welcome back though.
"Fabien Pierre does look like a child reading news to the nation, so that was a good choice TV6. Fabien does a good stand-up, he really should be part of the reporting team, but producing more feature or human interest type pieces.


Here's a comment for PW from Asha.

"Wow..."PW" what's up with you? So far everyone's been making (largely) constructive criticism. If you have an axe to grind, please tone it down. A lot of people happen to disagree with you, on some of your choices. Many for instance recall Francesca worked for the UNC in public relations. Whether that makes her an appropriate anchor, is interesting. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you are getting viscious. if you like francesca, that's great, but don't belittle others."

Monday, May 19, 2008


Here's someone who is standing up for the bloggers, for what it's worth.

"I have been monitoring this blog from not too long after its inception I believe in 2007. And being among reporters, I was able to feel out the sneezing, coughing and belching of complaints about how hard the blog had been on journalists/reporters or the media in general.
"But an opportunity presents itself in a visible email address for anyone with some insight of what good journalism is to make a contribution - and the spewing now surpasses that of what was previously complained about. Hmmm.
"Well I hope all take note that the authentic owner of this Media Watch is far more tactful than many of us in his or her approach to correcting and addressing flaws that can hardly be missed in the media."


Here's one for all the presenters, from trini forever.

"That's a good point raised by CLJ. While Francesca may sound good, and has been around for decades, why is she voicing Signature Furniture ads? (I think that's the store) AND why doesn't cnc make it worth her time to come on staff? How much are these girls paid? The other day I saw a goverment feature, done by cnc's Odeka, (it looked a few years old to be fair) is the pay that bad? Come on cnc: you are a multi-million dollar station, with the backing of super millionaires. Maybe francesca, Odeka, Shelly, Bobbi too, should head to greener pastures. You're hard working talented women, I hope your respective companies are worth it."


Well CLJ, here's your response from PW.

"I did not question Shelly Dass's voice, I simply asked how "AW" could mistake an aggressive high pitch toned voice to a melodious much more laid back toned voice of Francesca's.
"And I also specifically said if "AW" is referring to the person presenting news then there is no way the two could be mistaken.

"Why you so quick defend Shelly at the expense of Francesca CLJ? What does Francesca having a nicer and more appealing tone of voice have to do with her voicing advertisements when that issue was raised here already?
"I concur she should decide if she wants to do news or voice commercials, but she is still ahead of the rest. That's my opinion and I am well entitled to it, even if I have issues, as I can tell you also do.

"Hopefully the person chosen to present news has a voice that is friendly to the ear, but when I want to hear nice voices, I follow Gayelle News. With Otto Carrington and Samuel Mc Knight all over the news - CNC3 is the last newscast I would listen to for nice voices.
"CLJ I would submit to you that CNC3's scripts are poorly edited or not edited at all, causing its presenters to make a lot of mistakes. But you do notice that Francesca rides over these errors much more professionally than the rest, and flows with the newscast a lot better if the prompter breaks down on her, a skill Shelly still needs to work on. If she ever had a weakness that's it.
Francesca beats them with experience every time. Give her that."


Jessie May and Fazeer at CNMG, thanks for that enlightening interview with Dr Didacus Jules, Registar of CXC (and this was up for the entire interview).
We heard him say that breaches in exam papers occur everywhere in the world, but did he clarify that this has happened before in the Caribbean and/or in Trinidad and Tobago and what measures were taken in those instances to prevent a recurrence?
While over at TV6, Andy Johnson spoke with Education Minister Esther Le Gendre.
In their credits, the cameraman's name was spelt Micheal Gonzales. Is that really how his name is spelt?
(And for a change of pace, there were no misspellings at CNC 3).

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here's another response about Shelly Dass.

"Actually that was Shelly Dass' voice over the weekend. She was reporting not anchoring.
PW seems to have issues. Shelly's voice is good. So is Odeka's and Bobbi's. Colleen was good too, except for the coughing. And the CNC anchors tend to make alot of mistakes. Bad script writing?
Francesca's voice is nice as well...but it goes back to that whole credibility thing you were raising D.Martine...Should Francesca, or Raymond, or any others, be voicing Advertisements, when they are reading the news? Francesca does some furniture ad, which runs in the news.
Melodious voice, yes, but cant CNC pay enough for her not to have to voice ads on the outside?

That's a very good question. Well CNC?


Is our beloved country ready to face the devastation of an earthquake, the magnitude of which struck China last week?
We have been looking at the pictures/stories of the devastation done by the magnitude 7.9 quake, and we shudder to think what emergency measures will be put in place immediately following any kind of natural disaster here.
Can one of you enterprising journalists get this information for us and the rest of the national community from NEMA, the Ministry of National Security or the regiment?
And if you did a story on this following the quake, perhaps we missed it, so can you share the information with us?


Here's a response to AW's question about Shelly Dass.

"How could "AW" mistake Francesca Hawkins' voice for Shelly Dass'? If "AW" is referring to the news read on CNC3 on Saturday night, then it was Francesca's mellow melodious voice she heard and not Shelly's aggressive high pitched toned voice.
Please do not mistake the two.


Here's a comment about CNMG from reader AW.

"What's going on with CNMG?
Why do they cut to these entertainment shows, when everyone else has news going on?
Are they fully on air? or are they still trial testing their programming?
And I'm still tryng to figure out why is their logo so similar to CNC? Was that deliberate ?
By the way, was that also Shelly Dass' voice I heard this weekend?
What a relief! Glad she's back. Is she really sick or something? Hope not. Nice lady/girl.

Actually Asha, we heard she was about to get married, as are Robert Clarke of Gayelle and Satesh Mahabir of CNC3.


There are so many conflicting sides to the story of the businessman who was shot at Charlotte Elias' home in St Ann's on Friday.

Rhondor Dowlat of the Newsday writes: "Police report that about 2.30pm, two men broke down the front door of Charlotte’s home and confronted her housekeeper. Sobrian, a Trinidadian who lives in Miami but runs a construction company at Saddle Road, Maraval, was a guest at Charlotte’s home. Police believe he was shot when he tried to help the housekeeper. Investigators said they found a gun which was registered to Sobrian in the house...".

Now Joel Julien of the Express also has a story on the incident (
"Around 2.15 p.m. the 36-year-old real estate agent was fatally shot when he ran to the assistance of a female friend in trouble.
Police reports are that Subrian, from Bayshore, Westmoorings, went to visit the home of a friend at Belle Vue estate on Ariapita Road in St Ann's. Reports are that Subrian was in the yard of the house when the maid screamed for help. With his licensed glock 9mm in hand, Subrian ran into the house to help her."

So, the spelling of the victim's name, the time when the incident occurred, and the fact of whether the victim was a guest of Miss Elias or just dropped in to see her are different in the two reports.
And television reports also said he went to visit a friend in the area when he heard the commotion and went to the aid of the woman who raised the alarm.

We can't even find the story on the Guardian's website, as we are directed to the story of 'Laqtel in dire need of funds' ( when we type in Charlotte Elias' name.
But what we did see was just this little bit:
"Businessman Damian Sobrian never knew what hit him. He was shot through his head when he confronted the gunmen at Charlotte’s home in St Ann’s yesterday,...".

Whoever wrote that piece was going for drama, but don't you think he saw the bandit about to shoot him? Joel Julien of the Express writes: "Police believe Subrian, a regular at the Chaguaramas rifle range, froze when he came face to face with the assailant. The gunman did not. Subrian was shot once to the head and died on the spot. The gunman ran off, with Subrian's gun in hand as well."

But didn't Rhondor Dowlat of the Newsday write that the victim's gun was found at the house by investigators?


Kudos from this reader PW to TV6, but some advice for Samuel McKnight at CNC3.

"Thank you TV6 for blessing our living rooms and our eyes with Bobby Hicks again. Bobby read the 7:00PM news on Saturday.
Two nights in a row of Ms. Hicks, that could well make up for the time you pissed me off TV6. Thank you.

"Now to Samuel McKnight over at CNC3 who did a story on Trade Unionist Michael Annissette. Samuel why don't you tax your brain to some symbolic writing. You know writing to images, not just
pictures, but images in general.

"In that story the cameraman zeroed in on a fist carved from wood on the table in front of Annissette and Samuel did it not once dawn on you to make full use of that image to highlight the power, force, strength and all the other possible attributes it must
represent to help you describe Annisette's intentions, what he is best known for and what he claims to stand for? Stupes!

"Instead you subject your audience to a voiced VSVSVS. Your story was bland but had the potential to be creative. Annisette is a colourful creature you should have done better with that story Samuel."

Friday, May 16, 2008


Robert Dumas of C News, you might need some help with your subject/verb agreement in your sentences.
In the 9pm sportscast you said "The team are..." and "The T&T Cricket Board have named...".
As far as we are aware, both the team and the Board are singular, therefore they need a singular verb. You could have said "The members of the team are...", and "The T&T Cricket Board has named...".


Here's a comment for Sampson.

"Ooooh Sampson Nanton over at CNC3 you look really nice in that outfit tonight, from the knot in your tie come right down. Very nice. And it's nice to see a new face in that 8pm newscast.
Thank you Rosemarie Sant. (still be guided how you utilize Sampson though). I am looking forward to seeing Satesh in the 9:30PM newscast later on."

PS Roger read the 9.30pm news.


Here's a comment for Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks.

"Ahhh, Bobby Hicks over at TV6 I noticed how your entire being lit up when it was time for Entertainment love that stuff don't you Bobby.

"And Bobby what is the deal with TV6, why aren't you on more Permanently? What happen you don't like presenting hard news or what?

"At least opt to read the late night news for now, how's that Bobby?"

HUH? 2

Sampson Nanton of CNC has his own take on Sasha Mohammed's "Things that make you go HUH?" segment.
He is pounding the government and Calder Hart on the Udecott matter, titled "Udecott Affair".
But all his sentences are high-pitched. Why? There's no reason to end your question on such a note.

He is also now reading the 8pm news, instead of Roger Sant.
Guess RS can take a hint.

BTW Sampson, at the end of the 7pm news, you said the murder toll is now 175, but the other stations are saying 176. Which is it?


Desha Rambhajan of C News, that was a nice story on Serenity Place, the rehab centre for female drug addicts. Very interesting.
However you said the women live in a "dilapidated wooden structure", but we saw a white concrete house, which at worst, needed a few coats of paint. We did see you sitting in what looked like a wooden office speaking with the director of the home.
And you said the women are cleaning up their act for "re-entry into the world". But shouldn't that be "re-entry into society"?


Here we go again. Miss Mohammed, here's a comment about your "HUH?" segment.

"Did you just hear Sasha describe the Parliamentary Committe as a 'toothless bull dog' without making any this girl is a trip."

And Sasha we heard you say "they actually had the audacity to chide the media...". So this segment is supposed to be subjective? So how then do we separate this subjective piece from all the other pieces you do?


There you go again CNC 3, using a soundbite from Chamber President Ian Collier where he is READING his press statement on Udecott and the JSC!
Why??? Lazy journalism.


We will say we told you so! Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks is reading the TV6 7pm news. We knew it would be only a matter of time.


Some advice for TV6 and CNC3 from d. hadeed.

"Is Sacha Mohammed trying to expand her portfolio? Ambitious, but unrealistic. Why? Her interviews are terribly slanted. Its clear that she hates/detests the pnm administration, and its showing in her work. What ever happened to independence? What a turn off. TV6, really, you need to reign her in, because she is affecting your viewership. Seriously.

"By the the person who commented that Rosemary Sant shouldnt be reporting so much: i tend to disagree. She is a great reporter, (even though she is sometimes guilty of very bad grammar) and it shows the strength of her newsroom, with someone like her at the helm. Roger Sant however should not be doing news. He's a sports guy. A great one too, but Rosemary should not keep pushing him up to do hard news. He is not, and will never be a Julian Rogers, or an Andy Johnson. Dont compromise him, by pushing him into hard news. He doesnt have credibility there. Just an opinion, from a long time viewer."


Please take note Roger Sant.

"Roger Sant over at CNC3 you have successfully assumed the role of the mighty filler. There you go again presenting the 9:30PM Newscast, and you looked very nice Roger. So do you read all these newscasts to show off your posh suits?
If Sampson had the night off why couldn't Satesh read the 9:30, is he only good for the midday news?

"Roger we all know you look good on TV, but you are doing an overkill on your audience. We could decide not to look, but that is still not fair to us.

"And Sasha Mohammed over at TV6 either you enjoyed lulling off with Anil in studio on Wednesday night or you enjoyed socking it to Udecott and by extension the Government which you obviously do not favour based on your revealing reports.

"You opined too much, and like Anil Roberts was quickly slipping into the mode of a talk show host yourself. Is that what you really want to do Sasha?
"And Sasha what was the logic for opening your Udecott story with Anil walking up to Mr. Hart and giving him a cough syrup when nothing in your story connected the dots? Stupes! Please stay focused.
"While you're at it, please tell your Presenter Samantha John Anil is not a journalist as she stated while reading the lead...he is a talk show host. A journalist could be a talk show host, but a talk show host is not necessarily a journalist.

"In your segment of things that make you go "huh" you take pleasure in defining the role of journalist and who is a journalist, so on that one you go figure Sasha. Huh?
"And Sasha I hope you see it fit this Friday night in your "HUH" segment to demonstrate the difference in the way Anil posed his questions, as oppose to how the reporter/journalists posed theirs - since he answered some of the questions while asking them. Huh Sasha, think you could figure it out after you "dingo-layed" with him in studio?

"Why do I get the feeling you were asked to end your interview five minutes before you actually did Sasha, as I noticed you nodded your head and eyes away from Anil and in the needed direction where such instructions came from?
Just wondering."


More about Sasha.

"seriously? Sasha Mohammed is not good for tv. Maybe print. a little too self-consumed is the impression that's conveyed.


This reader wants you presenters to pronounce your words properly.

"Where are the green verbs police when you need them to prevent the media audience from being assaulted by the daily barrage of the butchery of standard English and proper diction perpetuated by many errant news announcers?

"I couldn't believe my ears when the female news announcer on C News Update, Wednesday 14 May, 10 p.m. renamed the devastating earthquake hit province of China, Sichuan (phonetic pronunciation: Sish-schwan); "Siewchand."
Maybe she was looking for Mr. Siewchand in China.

"The Yellow Peril"

And we heard this one from a young fella reading the news update on 107.7FM at 3.48pm on Friday. He said Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Zahara was born in "Eh-thiopia".


Here's another comment on Sasha Mohammed's interview.

"Sasha Mohammed interviewed whom...Anil Roberts aka Spalk...did she also speak with Andre Bhagoo or perhaps Kyle Jeremiah...
come on the big issue here is Udecott and what new insight could Roberts advertisement for Vicks vapo rub perhaps....


Here's a reader who has some questions for CNC 3.

"Woo hoo, Hema Ramkissoon read the mid-day news on CNC3 on Wednesday 13. For once I was able to look at CNC3's entire mid-day newscast for the first time in a very long time.
But Hema, I heard you humming a tone of approval of Winston Dookeran's almost every word, on the background of that telephone interview, very distracting. Next time Hema please only interrupt when you have a question to ask and do not suffer your audience to those distractions.

"Rosemarie Sant you are doing Sampson a disservice by placing him on a set for 30 minutes so soon; considering his experience. It was unfortunate and it is nice that he got another chance, but you have to be wise about this. Let Sampson return to the field and do his stand-ups in two minute packages. What happen to those creative story ideas he is famous for? Those human interest and featuristic pieces? Let him do stories in abundance that will aid in the development of individuals and communities - Just like Gayelle is doing.

"Sampson also needs to change or make adjustments to his attitude in order to help him fit back in - both in living rooms and the media industry, and if I might add, corporate Trinidad and Tobago. Do this for your own good Sampson, so no one would be waiting with bated breath for you to make another flip flop.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks of TV6, correct us if we are wrong, but are you expecting?
We couldn't help but notice some subtle changes to your overall persona during the 10pm newscast on Wednesday. Maybe that's why you have been MIA.
Well if what we saw is true, congrats.
PS Don't let them work you too hard!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We had to put a question mark on the 'Favourites' because clearly this reader is in two minds.

"CLJ there is quite a hilarious finding in your favourites for reporters: "Robert Clarke, Richard Charan, Rosemarie Sant".

"An "R" contest, while I agree with the first two I question the third R.
Well Rosemarie Sant over at CNC3 I am not sure if this is a compliment or not, because the last time I checked you are the Head of News at CNC3 - that means a reporter become Manager, but you're still seen as a reporter Rosemarie.

"Could it be because you bombard your own newscast with reports of your own? In the first year that CNC 3 came into the market, you use to present the first three stories in the Newscast; and when you introduced the 8PM News Segment you always had the lead story.

"Well when I felt I had enough of you I switched to TV6 only to run into the same brick wall with Sasha Mohammed, I chose the lesser of two evils and switched back to CNC3.

"So is Sasha Mohammed the Rosemarie Sant of TV6 or is Rosemarie Sant the Sasha Mohammed of CNC3? Which is it?
At least Sasha's saving grace is that she is a reporter, but you Rosemarie are the Head of News of CNC3 and the only Head of News in the Media Industry that is seen as a reporter...tut, tut.

"Not saying it's good, not saying it's bad - it is for you to determine if your newsroom and probably your reporters are being compromised in the process.
But you are becoming a veteran in this business Rosemarie and you have done well by yourself - no one is perfect.
Keep up the good work.



Here's the first response:

"That live sit down Sasha did with Anil was too long.



Well for those of you who missed it, TV6's Sasha Mohammed had a sit-down interview with radio talk show host Anil Roberts during the 7pm newscast to discuss the Udecott press conference; (at the top of Sasha's lead story, she used the soundbite with Anil handing Udecott Chairman Calder Hart a packet of cough drops during the press conference).

We have our thoughts on Sasha's interview, but we will keep those to ourselves and instead let you weigh in on the issue.
Did the interview work? If yes, why? If no, why not?
Tell us what you think.


Just when we were starting to think that CNC 3's midday newscast was possibly our favourite, they throw in a monkey wrench.
Why oh why did your producer decide to use that rugby awards ceremony story from Astil Renn again, when that event took place before lunch on Tuesday, and we already saw it in the 7pm news on Tuesday?
Can you explain that to us?


An 11 year old Trini girl suddenly decides to write a letter to the PM about high food prices (no date on the letter) and deliver it herself, and the Newsday has the 'feature' story in their Monday paper.,78774.html

But consider this Joan Rampersad.
"An eight-year-old girl in Massachusetts noticed the high gas prices (her parents) were paying and decided to write a letter to President Bush to ask if he could lower them." (April 17, 2008 and first reported April 14).


Well written story by Richard Charan in the Express, 'Love story ends for homeless couple'.

"To accept them was to accept that we were failing our brothers and sisters."


Thanks Rosemarie Sant of CNC 3 for taking up our suggestion of blurring the shots of the students for the CAPE story for your midday news, and subsequent newscasts.
(But Rosemarie at 7 and 9.30pm we heard you say "...the printing are done separately.")
And your colleague over at C News, Joanne Briggs used close up, un-blurred shots of students in her report on CAPE.

And thanks Satesh for telling us at the end of your midday newscast that you would have live coverage of the PM's speech at 1.30pm.
That was shown live on CNC 3, NCC4, and TV6.
Kudos also for going live at the top of your midday newscast to the scene at the Mittal steel plant where the worker died.
You also led your 7pm newscast with that, while TV6 led with the PM's Senate speech.

For 7pm, Otto Carrington, you gave us a piece of lazy journalism by allowing Ian Collier to read his speech on the Chamber's response to the PM setting up a parliamentary enquiry into the allegations against Udecott.
Even if you recorded his bit, here's a trick: you could have asked him to expand on one point in that whole speech so he would have sounded as if you were interviewing him. But it sounded staged, and he came across as saying 'Here's what we have and don't ask me for anything else'. Well there are ways to get around that.

Desha Rambhajan of C News, your story on the PM's speech sounded strange. There were parts where you paused and we clearly expected soundbites to come up, but instead we heard a bit of silence then you went on, even saying "He went on to say..." so that is clearly leaving our ears perked to hear a sot from the PM.
Well we never heard him until close to a minute into your story.

And thanks Charlene Ramdhanie of C News for giving us statistics on industrial accidents for this year and last year, as well as the statement from the ILO. It put the death of the young man at the steel plant into perspective.


And more favourites, this time from CLJ.

"Favourite Male Newscaster : Paolo Kernahan without a doubt (experience and personality)
Favourite Female Newscaster: Shelly Dass (credible, humble, smart)
Favourite 7pm News: Gayelle News and CNC3
Least Favourite: TV6 - Anchors, though attractive, not believable one bit
Favourite Reporters: Robert Clarke, Richard Charan, Rosemarie Sant."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WHAT THE.......2

Mark Bassant, now that we've had a chance to cool off after your faux pas on Monday evening, we would also like you to consider this:
you would have asked the young lady to do an interview so you and especially your cameraman have to ensure that she is shown in the best possible position.

She did not have to grant you an interview, so the least you could have done was given her the courtesy of either asking her to adjust her blouse, or as was suggested before, your cameraman should have made his shot very tight.

Because of where she was looking, we understand you were sitting to her left so you probably did not see the cameraman's shot until you got back to the office, so the blame has to fall squarely on his shoulders.
How do you think she felt when she saw that story on tv?
Please cameramen, have some respect for your interviewees.
You may think it's all fun and games when you are out on assignment, but you have to remember that whatever you see in your lens is what your audience will see.

PS Did your producer see that soundbite before the story went to air?


Here are some more favourites from Cameo Laurence.

"Hello D Martine
I want to throw my comments on the “Favourites” poll that you have going.

I generally keep my TV stuck on “C” at 7.00. because I’m not very impressed with Gayelle’s news quality. WIN TV is not even in the running. Why would I want to hear Oto Carrington or Samuel McNight who simply do not have a good command of the English language? The only time I switch from “C” is when Naette Lee is reading the news. I think she is their most sour-faced presenter and her negative vibes emanate from the TV into my living-room. When she’s on, I rather watch Samantha John.

I’d have to say that the only proper male anchor is Roger Sant. He is experienced and professional, but it’s a bit tiring to see him morning noon and night on TV!

I vote Francesca Hawkins as my favourite female anchor. I grew up in the 90s watching the TV6 news, and her experience, professionalism and natural intonation really keeps me interested in the newscast. I used to watch CNC3’s 9.00 newscast when she presented it, but now that Sampson Nanton is back in the anchor chair, I don’t! Shelly Dass is a very close second in my book.

Although I like Roger Sant as the best overall anchor, I think that Robert Dumas is a very good presenter and I would like to see more of him on “C”. I think he is the next Roger Sant and I’m voting Robert as my favourite sports anchorman.
I don’t really watch morning TV so I can’t comment on the breakfast shows.


Monday, May 12, 2008

WHAT THE.......

Mark Bassant of C News, we hope you strongly chastised your cameraman for taking that wide shot of the exposed chest of the young woman Jamilla whom you interviewed in Diego Martin following the shooting death of the guy from the Parliament Channel.
How many of your viewers, male/female/young/old, do you think heard anything the young woman had to say?????
The shot might have been appropriate if she was talking about the latest Playboy issue, but she was talking about her dead friend!

Yeah, ok, the cameraman was getting his freak on during the interview, but did he stop to think that you would actually have to use soundbites from the young woman??
All he had to do was tighten the shot, let you do your interview, then take a wide shot for himself so he could ogle all he wanted back at the office.
Steups!!! Totally tasteless!!

Julian Rogers take note: some of your cameramen obviously need some refresher courses on how to frame their shots!!!


TV6 leads their 7pm newscast with Calder Hart. What changed between 12.29pm and 7pm? He was used at the end of the 12pm newscast.
CNC3 took the high road and led their 7pm newscast with Mr Hart.


Newsday can you clear up something for us? We often see pictures on your website that have nothing to do with the headline story on the same page.
For example, under the story titled 'Children’s Authority back in Parliament',,78757.html, we see a photo of several people who have graduated from an electrical installation class, with the caption "GRAD CLASS: Students of the Electrical Installation Course for the first cycle of 2008 University of the West Indies, School of Continuing Studies, pose for this group shot at a project site at Robert Street, Bank Village, Carapichaima on Saturday."
When we click on the picture, there's a notice at the top left hand side that we should click on the related article, which is the Children's Authority story.
But of course when we click on the that story, there's no mention of the electrical installation graduation.

And again if you go to,18882.html#foto, you'll see a photo of a woman being led into a police van in Port of Spain, but the related story at the top of the page is 'France commemorates May ’68'.

And once again, for Lara Pickford-Gordon's story titled 'Nothing but the whole truth',,78762.html, on the same page there's a shot of the Mighty Sparrow leading a bevy of scantily clad beauties in a conga line at the Jean Pierre Complex.
What's the relation?

You can also see another example:,18878.html#foto


Well Miss Gulston of TV6, we weren't impressed with your story from the PM's breakfast meeting.
Your story was just a short VSVS with two short soundbites, and the first soundbite was a repeat of what was said in the lead in to that soundbite; something about Udecott being in charge of government projects. It was very unnecessary.

Hema Ramkissoon of CNC 3 on the other hand had a package (just an hour and a half after the event concluded), with relevant soundbites from the PM, then she used a soundbite from Calder Hart, as it's the first time we are hearing from him on the contentious issue of Udecott and the 60-room hotel.

While TV6 used the same soundbite from Mr Hart in their In Case You Missed It segment at about 12.29pm. Hmmmm. Very suspect. They probably saw it being used on CNC 3 and scrambled to use it before the newscast ended. Otherwise why wasn't it used higher up in the newscast, like right after the PM's two soundbites?
This is two hours after your reporter got that soundbite. How difficult would it have been to edit that 20 second piece for the start of the newscast, since as Fabian Pierre said, Mr Hart was finally breaking his silence on the matter? And we know you didn't borrow the video since your mic flag is in the shot.

And Otto Carrington of CNC 3, in your story with Roustan Job of TTUTA, why did you use close up shots of students in their school uniforms when you were discussing the sale of exam papers?
Do you not understand that you could be suggesting that these very students and their schools are in some way involved in the racket?
Why didn't you use long shots of the students so we could not make out their faces, or use shots of their backs?
Let's hope no parent or principal catches on and gives your boss a call.


The Newsday's Stacy Moore has a story in today's paper on the weekend accident which claimed three lives.
But Stacy, your story is very confusing. You take it for granted that everyone has seen the story on tv or read the details in the newspaper. But what about the person who is seeing or hearing of this incident for the first time?

Here's what you wrote in paragraph 2:
"The early morning accident on Saturday took the lives of La Romaine cousins Isaiah Thomas, 17 and Donald Lee Foster, 27 and Kim Allsop, 23, when two vehicles crashed head-on at the South Trunk La Romaine Road. All occupants of the white Nissan B13 succumbed to their injuries."

So the people who died weren't in the white B13? The way you wrote it suggests that the three died in one vehicle, and there were other people in the B13 who died.
You also wrote "Allsop, 23, who was originally from Andrews Lane in Chaguanas."
Were you going to add to this sentence? If you use the word "who", then it suggests you are going to add some further information. And where are the other two victims from? Why did you single out the young lady?

Then you wrote "Austin recalled Emmerson screaming, “Look! What his car doing on our lane!”"
Who is Emmerson? Is that his entire name?
And again you wrote "When I fell I was lying in the middle between Emmerson and Gaba,” Austin said."
Who is Gaba? Is that his entire name? You had more than 36 hours to get that information correct before going to print with this story.


PS Jade, Simone Harris is also still holding the portfolio of "Judge Dredd" on Digicel Rising Stars.


Here's another comment on media favourites.

"I would like to take the opportunity to wiegh in on the favourites in the local media...

"Favourite 7 o'clock newscast- CNC3
I find the presentation over at CNC3 is the best...the coverage of all the top stories for the day is also way ahead of all second place i would suggest Gayelle news..any newscast that incorporates features/ human interest stories into its newscast everyday has my support...TV6 has outlived its days as number one...they have a lot of catching up to do...

"Favourite Noon news...News at Noon
Well Tv6 you do have it here...Fabien Pierre does a remarkable job at the noon desk..

"Favorite Late news...Gayelle news ...
Need I say more

"Favorite Male anchor- Paolo Kernahan at Gayelle...
Paolo's experience and composure is evident everytime...second I would suggest Roger Sant...

"Favourite Female anchor- Shelly Dass
Now that Coleen Holder is no longer captivating Tv6's viewership ...I would give that crown to Ms Dass over at CNC3...



NCC Channel 4 and TV6 are showing live coverage of the Breakfast with the Prime Minister event.
Thanks. But.
NCC was smart enough to make sure they had two cameras available as the ministers who are making presentations are also showing powerpoint slides.
We are seeing the slides on NCC, but not on TV6. Whenever the ministers refer to something on the slides, TV6 gives us a wide shot of the head table.

And TV6, if your people knew you were going to put on live coverage this morning, why didn't you get Diane Baldeo to say so at the end of the 7pm news on Sunday, or even create a promo? We would never have known had Andy Johnson not said so this morning during his show.

And BTW, what happened to all your experiened reporters? How come you have the new girl Miss Gulston at the Crowne Plaza? She is very dead pan, no expression at all.
Anyway Miss Gulston, looking forward to hearing your report on the event.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here's a comment from PH on the Favourites poll.

"Favourite Television Newscast: TV6
CNC3 was once in the lead, but not these days, TV six has been giving a lot of scoops, breaking more stories in recent times and the form has improved tremendously. CNC3 may be more aggressive in getting news but lately TV6 has had all the stories they got and more. This is not to say CNC3 did not have some scoops but TV6 outweighs them so far.
Next in line are CNC3 then C News.

"Favourite Lunchtime News Cast: TV6
This is not a content issue as it is a presenter’s issue: while I think Roger Sant is reading too many Newscasts on CNC3 it’s hard for a lot of people to look at Satesh Mahabir, this is not from a personal perspective, but I have walked into complaints about his style and gloom aura. He also lacks a strong presence, people are always asking who he is when his name comes up – the guy presents news and people hardly know him. That’s strange because he has a nice voice. They should put Hema Ramkissoon to read CNC3 mid-day news so the content could be realized and fairly judged; (and) let Satesh read the 9:30 nightly news.

"Favourite Morning Show: Gayelle
Wait a minute; I just realized this is a favouritism contest and not a Best contest. Stupes. Anyway I think Gayelle has the best morning show, it is not as formal as the rest and this allows for more creative measures to be implemented in it, such as video being shown with Majella (excuse spelling) going out into the field with her interviewees – it gives life to the programme and relaxes it. It is my favourite morning show; next in line is C morning show.

"Favourite Late Newscast: Gayelle
Though all the newscasts are basically the same thing repeated late at night, Gayelle does not eliminate its features at 11:00PM – features/human interest stories always complement a newscast.

"Favourite Female Anchor: Francesca Hawkins
She is more relaxed, humble manages well when the prompter sticks on her and genuinely feels her stories. And she has a strong appeal and an aura that draws you to her, you want to look at her – now Shelly Dass is a natural, but I prefer the less drama that Francesca has to offer.

"Favourite Male Anchor: Roger Sant over at CNC 3
Now it grinds my heart to say that because I also find Roger not allowing others beneath him a chance to breathe new life into their career. But I have to be honest, he has a nice modest style; otherwise he would have made room for someone else already just like Julian Rogers over at C has done and move on to bigger things like producing Sports Documentaries or hosting mega sports interviews much to the pleasure of Sporting fans.

"Though Roger is my Favourite, Paolo Kernahan over at Gayelle is about best and Julian Rogers is one of the better ones too, but he does not present often enough to be a favourite. Fabien Pierre still needs to find himself; he is good but is still trying to be like someone else, that does not impress me. Fabien should give experience a chance to happen to him instead of forcing a look of, not confidence, but experience on him.

"Favourite Newspaper: Newsday
More impressive/catchy headlines, more concise with their stories making it easier to read…
The Guardian and Express are taking their popularity for granted not realizing the headway the Newsday has made on them.
Newsday also has a better variation of writing styles. Somehow the editors don’t seem to interfere too much with writing styles at that newspaper.



Here's a response to JM's comment on Paolo Kernahan of Gayelle.

"JM your response to Paolo does not make any sense, since the other senses of a person is made stronger or more acute with the impairment of one.

"However your call for Favourites was commendable.
Never gave it much thought, but CNMG has the potential to become the best overall, not sure what's holding them back.


Friday, May 9, 2008


JM has a response to Paolo Kernahan's comment on the sign language insert.

"I don't understand Paolo's point about deaf people and education levels. It seems to me that the hearing impaired may well lose another faculty in their sight and they strain their eyes to see the tiny sign-language insert in the news. Perhaps they all have big screen tvs...

"Martine, why don't you introduce a poll sometime for best newscast, best anchor etc? I have not seen a market facts and opinion poll in quite some time, and with the number of stations now and the number of newscasts at 7.00, it may be interesting to get a sample from your readers on their viewing habits.

"I can get the ball rolling:


Well JM, we don't agree with most of your choices, but that's what democracy is all about.
So here's the challenge to the rest of you: who are your favourites/least favourites for those categories?
Let us know and tell us why in a nutshell.


Here's a comment from a reader who does not wish to be named.

"It is disappointing to see what appears to be a less-experienced sports reporter elevated to the position of sports presenter for a major newscast, such as the 7p.m. news, when you know that there are better and more accomplished candidates who seem unable to secure such a position.
It is applaudable that younger, if not more lively applicants, are being presented with such opportunities, but it makes you question whether the profession and those who manage over it promote effectively and fairly.
It also makes you question whether the opportunity to deepen/broaden one’s professional interests and skills was limited to a selected few."


Well done Joel. Here's a comment from the reader who wasn't too happy about your choice of jackets.

"Joel Villafana over at TV6 you were wearing a dark coloured jacket on Thursday night; you looked spunk - very nice.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


Shelly Dass is getting some brownie points from this reader.

"Praise where due: Congrats to Shelly Dass for an amazing job with government ministers Mariano Brown and Emily Gaynor. They were being extremely difficult, she gave them some rope, but persisted in some interesting questions. Very direct.
She was calm (although as a viewer, I was annoyed by their glib, reponses) She even shot back at Mariano Browne asking him pleasantly "you find it humourous that millions of dollars are at stake?" as he was snickering at the allegations.

"Ps is it tru that she is undergoing cancer treatment?"

Well CLJ, we don't know about the cancer part, but if anyone cares to give us the inside scoop, feel free -


Jade Maingot, we saw Simone Harris of C News doing an interview at the weekend in the capacity of Corporate Communications Manager at NFM, the portfolio previously held by Minister Donna Cox.
Maybe she's sticking to just one thing?


This reader, PH believes sports reporter Astil Renn is getting a raw deal over at CNC 3, and Joel Villafana could do with some more polishing.

"Joel Villafana over at TV6 you have been off to a bumper start as a Sports Presenter, quite a leap in your journalistic career - keeping it natural and looking relaxed as ever.
I am also pleased to see that with time you are realising that you are no longer a sports presenter on radio and are beginning to dramatize a little less - you are giving your face a lot less to think about as well, all the twitching of the eyes and nose is phasing into a more real experience.
It is clear that you did not want to seem amateur from day one and you may have accomplished that, but Joel can you please ask your bosses for a wardrobe allowance?

"A casual approach to presenting your sports cast works for you, but a more executive/formal appearance will compliment that style Joel. You need to upgrade your suits.
You do not look sloppy, but your Taylor is sloppy, please find another one. And while you're at it please also vary the colours, I am really tired of seeing you in that beige Jacket. Black or a dark colour would not have been so obvious, but the beige sells you out.

"Take a few lessons from Roger Sant over at CNC3.
Speaking of Roger Sant, Mr. Roger has it not dawned on you that your Sports reporter Astil Renn is a far more accomplished Sports reporter that Joel Villafana and to this day he does not get to present a sports cast on your CNC3 TV? Eh Roger? what happen you do not find him telegenic enough? Eh Roger?

"Well Roger as long as you maintain your style of presenting you have long reached the acme of your career, it's high time you give your subordinates a chance.
You present the weekly Sports Cast, the Sports Week in Review, the Week in Review, sometimes you still present the mid-day news, as if Hema and Satesh ain't good enough, you have to shove your face there too. If Shelly or Odeka can't make it you're all up in the 7:00PM News cast and you still present the Sports cast, and if Sampson can't make it for 9:30 you're all up in that too.

"So Roger, what does it take to make you realise your audience could well do with some fresh faces? Stupes!
Give yourself a break, and give Astil Renn a chance. Start grooming him for the task. You know Roger if Joel was at CNC3 he would not have been a sports presenter today? Food for thought.

"So he goes TV6 and propels ahead of Astil Renn in his career as a Sports Journalist, even though Astil knows the ropes better than he does. Think on these things Roger.
Don't get me wrong, you're good at what you do, but Roger you ought to give someone else a chance. CNC3's Sports cast was not made for you. You will go and leave it there. Make yourself proud. Give someone else a chance. I don't know how to say it again."

Well Roger, we couldn't agree more.
But then again, technically you have a boss in your wife, Rosemarie Sant who decides who will and will not read the news.
And Joel, we still think there's too much head movement when you read the sports. You need to tone it down a bit.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Didn't know director Quentin Tarantino had hired an actress named "Urma" Thurman for his Kill Bill movies, as suggested in TV6's promo for the movie on Friday May 9th.


Andy Johnson very interesting interview with the woman from Rampanalgas.


Lennox Grant please forgive us. We forgot to tell our readers to take a look at your splendid and hilarious piece in the Sunday Guardian titled "Mammy Apple, Cousin Bora: Tourism in Foodland".

"In Guyana, unless a fast-food diner pronounces the word “potato” before “chips,” his styrofoam box could arrive loaded with wedges and slivers of deep-fried, unripe plantain."

"But fish to go with the fries are there for the catching in rivers. So vast are their waterways that an island-unclued visiting Guyanese journalist once asked me if the stretch of water separating Chaguaramas from Nelson Island was a river."

And finally:
"You know you’re in Guyana when police officers look quizzically at someone asking about a “close season” for hunting."


For those of you who are sending us nasty comments directly from the blog site using fake email addresses: thanks, but no thanks.
We would like to respond to all messages, so please send your mail via a legitimate email address to
"christian!", "sandyking1", that means you.
We have juicy responses for you.


Here's a comment from a reader, Sandra, on the Guardian's writing style.

"Can someone at the Guardian Newspaper explain why so many of the introductions of its stories start off with an assertion/opinion by the interviewees or hosts of news conferences?

"In the Sunday 4th Guardian (Peter Balroop) introduces his story this way:

"The Government intends to victimise cane farmers in T&T by not making any moves to access $360 million that the European Union (EU) is offering them to cushion the winding down of the sugar industry here.
This is the only conclusion the Opposition UNC-A says it can arrive at in the wake of a stunning response by Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott to a question raised on the issue at Friday’s sitting of the Lower House.

"Then the lead story written by another reporter (Shaliza Hassanali), is introduced this way:

"University of T&T (UTT) is broke. This is how president of University of T&T (UTT) Prof Ken Julien describes the country’s newest learning institution established by the State.

"And there is another same: By Yvonne Baboolal

"It will cost approximately $140 million to make the two-acre farms allotted to 7,800 former Caroni workers viable for crop cultivation.
"“And that’s not counting the cost of irrigation,” a Ministry of Agriculture employee disclosed.

"And yet another: By Shaliza Hassanali

"If a severe earthquake or hurricane hits Tobago, the towering walls built around the periphery of the new Scarborough Regional Hospital will collapse. That’s the word from executive chairman of NH International Caribbean Ltd (NHIC) Emile Elias,...

"Now these reporters would not know they all had the same approach to their story, so are the editors sleeping on the job? Stupes!

"And Shaliza while it is not clear if one of your stories were written a day apart and did not make it into the papers for lack of space, you may still want to take note that two of your stories were tackled the same way.

"However the editors must take full responsibility for these consistencies that could very well make your reading audience dwindle further. After all this kind of insipid writing style does make uninteresting reading.

"Unless the bottomline thinkers in your organisation believes those jejune type articles keeps a much needed audience and yes the dollars and cents that keep flowing in, keeping mediocrity alive and well in your well established organisation.

"Now you guys are not alone in this but I find the case of the Guardian Newspaper to be worthy of note because that's the stuff you fed your audience over the last couple of days."


We always pound CNC 3 when they get the spelling wrong, and today we are pleased to report that Hema and her team did quite well: not a word out of place.
First Up on CNMG on the other hand. Hmmmmm.
We saw "t&t rubgy union" across the screen for a while during the discussion with Rhett Chee Ping and the other gentleman, Curtis before it was changed, even though the correct spelling came up when their names were shown.

And PS Jessie and Fazeer, ask someone to make the studio a little cooler. Curtis was sweating profusely, and we saw him wiping his face with a hanky.

PS 2: Remember that you have a radio as well as a tv audience who may have joined your show after you made the initial introductions of your guests, so while we are seeing and hearing them, we may not know who they are during the course of your 20 minute conversation, so you should give a gentle reminder in word and on the screen who your guests are what you are speaking about.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Jade Maingot, a reader CL has suggested that you look at the Sunday News on CNC 3, as Francesca Hawkins is back.
Perhaps she was on vacation.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Here's another story that leads us to question whether journalists pay enough attention to the details of their stories.

"UDeCOTT denies project problems" (no byline)

Here it is Udecott is denying everything that the television and newspaper reporters said in their stories, even giving details of documents (in the public domain) from the EMA.

"Regarding the San Fernando academy, the company said that on August 11, 2005, it was granted a CEC by the EMA for demolition works at the site."
"UDeCOTT also denied that it was building the Brian Lara Cricket Academy without a CEC. It said it received a CEC from the EMA and outline approvals for the project on October 27, 2005. It said subdivision approval was given for the creation of the site and an approval from the Town and Country Planning division was received on March 6,2008. the company said it had also received approvals for the project from the Ministry of Works and the T&T Fire services."

Even a simple matter as when a photograph was taken has come under fire.
"UDeCOTT said that work on the Port-of-Spain academy was never stopped and is going ahead “as it has for the past months.” The company said pictures showing no activity at the construction site may have been taken during the lunch break which it said was from 11 am - 1 pm daily. It said when the builders resume work at 1pm, they continue “for extended hours into the evening and night.”

"UDeCOTT added that May Day, May 1, was a Chinese national holiday and there was a limited work shift at the site on that day."

So the reporter who wrote the story based on the photograph showing few workers on the job site did not contact the contractor to find out what the problem was? Did you ask your photographer why he did not take several pictures throughout the day in order to give a more complete (and fair) view of the situation?
And did anyone check with the EMA or Town and Country or the Ministry of Works or the Fire Services to verify Udecott's claims?
Sounds like sensationalism to us.

We hold no secrets for Udecott, but fair is fair.
Why would your editor allow you to write a story which is one-sided, and allow yourself and your establishment to come under fire from the very people you are trying to expose?
Unless you like leaning towards tabloidism.