Thursday, May 22, 2008


And here are a few suggestions for CNC's Head of News, Rosemarie Sant from PH.

"Rosemarie Sant over at CNC3 are you pulling a fast one?
There were complaints about Roger Sant's tired face so you decide to give us a double dose of Shelly. We see her in the major and main newscast at 7:00PM and then again at 9:30PM.

"Well Shelly does look refreshing in the 9:30 but Rosemarie you have to decide if you want to waste her in both newscasts or have her do one or the other. Again I ask where is Satesh Mahabir? Why is he not good enough to present the 9:30PM newscast?
"Well Rosemarie It looks like Bobby Hicks would be presenting the late night news on TV6 - plenty competition there, so you will need to put someone with some appeal in your 9:30 and that looks like Shelly Dass.

"Shelly you may want to test your strength a bit and see what audience you can bring to the late night news on CNC3, after all it is a Prime spot and it will be refreshing to see you there.
Odeka O' Neil you may want to make a run for that shift as well.
Gayelle at 11:00PM is a big deal, I never miss it. Late night news is cool.
"Rosemarie if you insist on two presenters for your 7PM newscast why not a male and female? It's a much nicer blend as you would notice from looking at BBC and CNN, even FOX.
You can risk placing Satesh on set with Odeka since the other presenters at 7PM excepting Paolo Kernahan over at Gayelle are not that strong. And you will still have your ethnic mix in tact.

"Just a few suggestions Rosemarie, because your station truly has potential but you seem to have difficulty spreading out the talent you have to work with. What's causing that? So far it looks like some are being pushed more than others, give Satesh some more exposure so he can come into himself.
And while you're at it Rosemarie, do consider giving Nadaline Singh and Neil Beekhee a try at presenting. You can afford to do this in your 10am and 11am updates."