Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We are enjoying Gerard Lampow's presentation of TV6's midday newscast. He is very comfortable (being a veteran in the business), and believable, and he does not have that smug look that Fabian Pierre began to wear.
But Gerard our only complaint is that we hope you sit up a bit. You look as if you are leaning far back in the chair, and the desk looks very high in front of you.
Sit on the edge of the seat and you will look and feel taller.

And your experience as a talk show host helped you with that easy wrap up on the seedlings to plant.
Very nice.

And Hema Ramkissoon at CNC3, thanks for that informative interview with former Senate President Michael Williams. He really explained some things that were a bit puzzling with respect to the JSC on Udecott, like the PM's suggestion that he would appoint an Independent Senator to chair the committee, but according to Mr Williams, the Standing Orders say that the committee members choose their own Chairman from among themselves.