Thursday, May 29, 2008


Andy Johnson at TV6, one of your fans, NN, has some questions for you.

"When I saw Andy on 'Talking Point" last night (Wednesday), I really thought they were trying to end his career prematurely. It would be impossible to do night and morning shows on the same day for any period of time.
"Moving him from the morning might spell trouble for TV6 though as Andy seems to be the glue that's holding together a shaky on-air current affairs/news presence.
"I agree that TV6 should seriously consider a nighttime current affairs programme to rival CNC3 and CNMG. What's lacking on those 2 stations is some creativity as regards set and host... They need something for God's sake that relieves the viewer from these unexciting, monotonous shots of talking heads!
"I highly doubt TV6 is the station to bring us something different. They'll probably just lift some idea from FOX or CNN like they did with the tickers during the news...steups..."