Sunday, June 1, 2008


Was anyone surprised that England beat T&T??

Anyway, naturally CNC 3 and CNMG went live to the Hasely Crawford Stadium at the top of their Sunday 7pm newscasts for updates on the match between Trinidad and Tobago and England.
CNMG went to Mark Basant who gave an update on the three goals scored, then they went to Mark's story on the fans arriving at the stadium. While CNC went to Astil Renn on the telephone, then to their story on the fans arriving.
TV6 began with the story of the woman who was arrested after killing the young man at her house. Then they moved on to other news. The story of the fans arriving at the stadium came really low down in the newscast, and they didn't have anyone reporting from the stadium.

And during the sports segment, Mark Basant again reported live, interviewing someone (we didn't get his name, so Mark you should have said who you were interviewing at the end for those who joined you after you began).

TV6 began their sports segment with the TT/England match, and they also ran the story on Usain Bolt running the fastest time in history for the 100M. But while Diane Baldeo was reading the story, the graphic across the screen read "Bolt Clocks 9.92", when we know it was 9.72.

And at the end of TV6's newscast, they ran the headlines in the same order as the newscast, leaving the sports for last. But instead of using a shot from the story they ran during the sports segment on the actual football match, they used a shot of David Beckham during the training session at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.