Thursday, June 19, 2008


We weren't sure what to name this one, but it's for Desha and Joel.

"CNMG's Desha Rambajhan supposedly does have a nice face to look at, but she needs to understand that reading news is not necessarily supposed to make her glad, especially throughout an entire Newscast.
"And Desha, I think you will look nicer with short hair, or you need to get a hair dresser that understands how to style your hair appropriately for Television and what it gives. Your hair is very thick at the roots and thins out in the rest of its length, so you look rather queer in your beauty with that hair style where you let the hair down with the top puffed up.

"And Joel Villafana over at TV6 please get some formal well fitted jackets. Those casual outfits ain't cutting it. You may want to look at Roger Sant over at CNC3 for some tips. Feel free to look out for him in any Newscast over there as he reads all of them at some point, you can't miss him, nor his suits.
Please do something about those "fling on suits" Joel...Please.

"And Roger Sant when will Astil Renn start presenting the Sportscast which it seems you have a monopoly on?"