Friday, June 20, 2008


The Editorial in the Friday Express is very interesting.
It perhaps expresses (no pun intended) the view of many Trinis that this tit for tat thing between Jack Warner and Gary Hunt is going just a bit too far, and is beginning to border on the absurd.
The latest salvo fired by Jack Warner is that T&T's remaining 'home' games will be played outside of T&T. Huh?

"But this is Trinidad and Tobago where absurdity has been known to become reality so all we can advise, for the moment, is that Mr Warner, instead of pursuing a road that is bound to make his country a laughing stock in the football world in particular, if not the sports world in general and the planet as a whole, seeks to make peace with the government as it seemingly seeks to get a reasonable cut from promoters for use of the nation's stadia which incur costs to maintain."