Thursday, June 26, 2008


It seems it's profitable to lead a union these days, or at least one union.
The Newsday's Cecily Asson has the goods on the separation package for outgoing OWTU President General Errol Mcleod, which includes a brand new BMW X5 SUV and guaranteed insurance for the next five years.
Wonder what his union members who are struggling to get a raise of pay at T&TEC think about that?

Here's an interesting piece:
"According to reports, the OWTU general council approved Mc Leod’s retirement package during a meeting at the union’s headquarters at Paramount Building, Circular Road, San Fernando. The meeting was chaired by Mc Leod.

"When contacted for comment, Mc Leod said: “I don’t know what my separation package is worth and even if I knew I wouldn’t disclose.”"