Monday, June 30, 2008


Gyasi Gonzales of the Express has an interesting article on the young woman who was charged with the kidnapping of Avita Bissoondath.
He delves into the question of bail which arose during her court appearance, but his math is a bit off. We read this part over and over, and couldn't come up with the calculation he made.

"In fact, back in September 2007, the Bail (Amendment) Act was given a 12-month lease on life after being debated in Parliament. Back then, the act was passed with 23 votes - 13 from the People's National Movement (PNM) MPs and five from the Congress of the People (COP). The five Opposition members of the United National Congress (UNC) present voted against the bill."

As far as we can figure out, the act was passed by a margin of 18 to 5, not 23 as Mr Gonzales counted.
So where was his reader's editor or his sub-editor to point out this discrepancy before the article went to print, more than 6 hours after the court appearance?