Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Guess we stepped on some toes.

"Attention please Messrs, I refer to your heading "Barack Obama Elected" to state that Obama was not elected, he was selected, courtesy House Speaker Nancy Pelosi et al who pressured Super Delegates to not select a nominee against the will of the people, nevertheless he was SELECTED.

"Neither candidate reached their magic numbers to clinch the nomination so a nominee had to be selected as Obama was, even before the results for Montana and South Dakota came in last night.

"Now remember added to this, the Florida and Michigan delegates were split in half, leaving still disenfranchised voters who still believe Hillary was cheated.
Remember, the main stream media broadcasted in favour of Obama, leaving many Senior women voters who support Hillary disgruntled.

"Remember Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but was defeated by a clumsy delegate system and other odds that came up against her, leaving more of her supporters upset.
My take, Obama will have a tough hill to climb. I think he will lose West Virginia and Florida to John Mc Cain and lose the General Election. That loss is a greater loss.

"I also believe Hillary is not interested in the VP slot but is eying 2012 when she can slam dunk following Mc Cain's one term in office. However, she may have expressed an interest in the position to get Obama to publicly say no which will make him lose in November.

"Well what can I say, Hillary Clinton is a smart woman who unfortunately was taken down by Chauvinistic media personnel and Radio and Television broadcasters who does not at all want a woman President. So they supported the lesser of two evils.
Every American syllabus teaches you that the media in America decides who wins an election, and Fox alone couldn't save Hillary Clinton.

"And if you don't believe me, follow MSNBC's Chris Matthews and HBO's Bill Maher who openly campaigned against Hillary.
But the Republicans will keep her name all over their campaign to woo her supporters and Obama will have no choice but to follow suit, so Hillary might be out, but she is still in.

"Hillary for President - 2012
"Go Hillary"