Wednesday, June 11, 2008


OK. Where do we begin with this one?
Aretha Welsh of Express TV: No, no, no.
That striped top you are wearing to read the business stories on the webpage is all wrong. Or maybe we should just say what we mean: too tight. Did your manager get a good look at you before you did this piece?

Remember you want the person watching your piece to pay attention to what you are saying, not to your, em, assets. We even got the feeling that the person who edited the piece was trying to distract us by slipping in what seemed like random shots of vegetables while you were speaking.
You have a perky personality and you read well, so next time just give that top to the young lady who does TV6's entertainment show on Fridays and borrow one of Samantha John's jackets.

And why were your two (and only) stories so long? The piece on food prices was a minute and a half, and the second piece on Lenny Saith was a minute long.
You told us you were updating us on "all that is happening in the local world of business", yet we only got two stories.
And you perhaps left out the biggest story of all, that the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce is calling for the resignation of the National Security Minister.
We are sure you will do better next time.