Saturday, June 7, 2008


Just as the Speaker of the House tells the government to spend some time debating crime, comes this veiled threat from some idiot who is using the name "colleen holder", and sending the message anonymously from the blog website on Friday.
We suspect it's not her since we've had threats before from people like "curt williams" (NOT the Curtis Williams we've come to know and love from CNMG), and we haven't said a thing about Miss Holder recently since we haven't seen or heard her in ages.

"the murder rate is pretty high. you may want to be careful you don't step on too many toes"

Whoever you are, you must be in the media and we must have made some comments about you which you did not like, but hey, you are a public figure and everything that we see or hear from you is what's being seen and heard by hundreds of thousands of other people who watch your station.
So we'll continue to gently step on toes and if you can't take the heat, by all means go buy an a/c unit.