Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here's a comment about the SEA stories.

"Actually Robert Clarke over at Gayelle did a great story with Peaches (on Friday night), whose parents were murdered...without using the gory details. We have to remember children are watching and don't need to be reminded about the tragedy. Interesting angle with Peaches excited about passing for a school with a history of violence, but feels safe because her elder sisters are there. Thought provoking.

"But Gayelle, is Paolo mixing up news with skews? And over at CNC3 either get a new set, or figure out a new plan please! On some nights you have Odeka, who is a beautiful dark skinned woman, looking almost white, and Shelly looking grey. While tv6 midday news...turn on the lights!!!!!"

We did not see the Gayelle story on Peaches, but we are not surprised that Robert Clarke did a good job.