Thursday, June 12, 2008

PART 2 (3)

We caught Part 3 of Sasha Mohammed's special look at the lack of implementation of government projects. It wasn't bad, but again, it left much to be desired.

At one point Miss Mohammed asked Indira Sagewan-Ali about government's funding of programmes like CEPEP, and her response was "As you say they are political instruments...". But that's a leading question Sasha.
It suggests that you did not ask her if she thought such programmes were political instruments, but that you made the statement then asked her if she agreed.

And with Christine Sahadeo, she did not turn out to be the hard-hitting interview subject you were hoping for. She basically said she felt more emphasis should have been placed on the execution of certain government programmes.
But she was a key member of the finance ministry in the last administration, and the national budget was delivered in August, while she was still in office, and some of the programmes she criticized came under her purview. Did you ask her how many of these things were proposed during her tenure and how many have been fulfilled?
You were trying to go for the effect of someone close to the PNM criticizing them, but it had the additional effect of making her comments look like sour grapes, since she was part of the group that did not deliver.

PS Gerard Lampow reads the midday news and the 10pm newscast. Where has Fabian Pierre disappeared to? We haven't seen or heard him in a while.
Gerard careful of burnout so soon after your debut.