Thursday, June 12, 2008


And another reader weighs in on the CNMG story.

"Did someone ask what CNC3 is doing that CNMG isn't doing.

"Is that a sarcastic question? Because clearly CNC3 falling under the Ansa McAl financial umbrella only means that a lot of its advertising dollars are pumped right back into media houses owned by the group. So I am not sure that that was a fair analysis or question as it were.

"CNC3's salaries are also much lower than CNMG's, ask their staff members they'll tell you. But that is no justification for it to be that way, after all the profit Grenfell Kissoon boasted about is over 200 million - minus Ansa McAl recycling its funds, I'm sure the story would be similar to CNMG's after two years in business.

"C salaries amounts to 8 million, this means CNC3 won't feel the pinch if they math that payment plan given their profit margins versus CNMG's losses.
CNMG is in a bad way, as the Advertising Market is shrinking and we are heading for seriously hard economic times that even the man of Hope, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama cannot mend. Like every thing else time will change all things.
It is a bad time for CNMG. They may have to lease as an option.

"Did someone say the consultancy cost was one million, looks like that figure could be much higher. Come on reporter, get busy."