Monday, June 30, 2008


AHHHH. Finally Mr Fraser points to the standards in journalism, or the lack thereof.
He says the proliferation of media houses has in no way positively impacted on the development of journalists.

Miss Ramkissoon asked "What makes a good journalist?"

Tony Fraser said hard work, listening, understanding society, having a commitment not to take sides (when reporting). He said young journalists do not have the experience that is required to do all of the above.
Of course one of the problems we face in this society is that media managers are not willing to really invest in human resource training, so we the viewers and readers are often stuck with the mediocre level of journalism that is palmed off on us, unless we switch to the foreign stations. Not all local journalists are mediocre, of course.
Mr Madeira said he does not think journalists are listening to their audiences in order to analyze the impact on them.

Miss Ramkissoon's final interviewee was Ajay Rameshwarsingh, the bright star who topped this year's SEA exam.
She said Mr Madeira commended the young man on his diction. Maybe he should think about a career in broadcasting instead of Civil Engineering. And can we suggest that one of the stations offer him an internship before he begins high school?
At 12 years old, he actually speaks much better than some people who are already on the airwaves.