Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PART 2 (2)

And here's a comment on Part 2 of Sasha Mohammed's report.

"Ahhh Sasha, I love it when you can disappoint.
Your interview with the former Minister on how Government is dishing out its 2007-2008 Fiscal Package turned out to be former PNM Minister in the Ministry of Finance Christine Sahadeo, well thank you Sasha. But her response to the issue was not as dramatic as you made it seem.

"But Sasha...(yes there is a but) you ...gracing it with the first three sound bites by Economist Indira Sagewan Ali, while there were only two sound bites from Christian Sahadeo who was supposed to be the highlight to your follow up story on Government’s management of the budget according to you Sasha.
"Yes Sasha on Monday night you said the former Government Minister would have been the focus of this version of the story. Need I say more? Hmmm.

"And Joel Villafana also at TV6 you opened your Sports Cast by saying Politics and Bacchanal seems to be the "orther" of the day...tongue not just between, but gone beyond your teeth to make sure you get it right, I Joel? You were referring to the Bermuda Match which is supposedly set for the Marvin Lee Stadium according to Special Advisor to the TTFF Austin Jack Warner who stressed this in a poor quality phone interview. tut, tut."