Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The Newsday's version of the story of the two women sentenced to 20 years for killing the teacher does not have a byline, and probably quite rightly.

The unnamed writer tells us the judge said "...This sought of crime leaves little room to extend the hand of mercy.”"
(Although we are told the judge made this statement in the preamble before the sentencing, we can assume that the judge presented a written statement with the incorrect spelling. If that is the case, then the writer should have put in the word 'sic' after the incorrect spelling to show that he/she was not the author, but was just reporting what was said word for word. Since the word 'sic' was not used, we are also left to assume that in transcribing the judge's statement, the writer was at fault in the spelling.)

Then later we are told "In a plea for leniency, lawyers for the two Israel Khan, SC, Daniel Khan and Hayden St Clair Douglas said the two women lived hard live but sought to educate themselves while incacerated."

And the writer tells us "Daniel Khan, in his plea for leniency for Anganoo, said she was only 16 years at the time of the incident and was easily influenced by her peers.
He said Anganoo was mislead by her cousin (Pooran)...".