Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This reader clearly did not enjoy the match.

"Predictably, the match was sour. With a bunch of youngsters intermingled with seasoned professionals, the team clearly didn't gel and the right foot didn't know what the left foot was doing.
"But it's passing strange that many of the sport journalists have been as ravenous about the omission of 2006 vets (Sancho, A. John, Birchall, et al) as they have been about the feud between Jack and Hunt. Once Jack Warner is involved in football, there will always be political games played with the sport (often at the expense of the players and the fans, the 2 most important elements of the game) so there's no need to all the journalists to get hard-ons at the thought of a face-off between the new Minister and Mr Warner.

"I reserved tickets but was unable to collect and pay cuz I was out of the country, and when I tried a Trini behind-de-scenes ratch, I was bluntly refused so I watched the match at home like many others. I wonder if the people who did pay $300 and up thought it was money well spent? The quality of the game was poor, to say the least. Our opponents for this game was a third-string English team, with fellas who have never or rarely taken off their bibs. So what you expect?
"There's a saying: "Who pays the piper calls the tune." Would some enterprising journalist find out why the new coach has not even looked at some of the members of the 2006 World Cup team? Is it because of their membership on FPATT or are they just on the wrong side of the man with the deepest pockets in TT football? Hmmmm...".