Monday, June 30, 2008


Interesting discussion on CNC 3's Early Morning Show with veteran journalists Jones P. Madeira and Tony Fraser. Mr Fraser made the point that once journalists make everyone uncomfortable with their writing then they cannot be accused of bias.
But we all know there are some journalists who only make certain people uncomfortable while giving endless ear to others.
You know yourselves, and your viewers know you as well.

And good point from Mr Madeira that not every murder should make the front page, and the insensitivity that goes along with covering grief. We've made that point as well.
That people with money are allowed to grieve in private, but people who are not well to do are not allowed the same privilege, and are exploited by the media for the sake of a headline.
Remember the grief of the brother and sister who were poisoned by their father, and who went to his funeral? Absolutely no privacy for those children to grieve the loss of their father.

Both men agree that media managers must be held to account for the quality of their product. But Mr Madeira says the (lowest) common denominator does not inspire media owners to invest in quality products. They just cost too much.
Where are the documentaries? Where are the features on nation building?