Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sasha Mohammed of TV6 gave us part two of her special piece on Tuesday where she said the government had delivered on less than 25% of its promised projects, and she gave us a double whammy of woman power in Dr Indira Sagewan-Ali and former minister in the ministry of finance in the last PNM administration, Christine Sahadeo.

Well Sasha, unlike what one of our readers predicted, you did not serve up a former UNC government minister, so kudos.
But the lead in to your story suggested that the former minister was going to blast the government for failing to deliver on campaign promises, which in the end she did not. She just said they need to look at certain things if they want to accomplish their goals.

Then the lead to your story also prepped us for the former minister to start your story with guns blazing, but instead you started with three soundbites from Dr Sagewan-Ali, then tamely went to two soundbites from Mrs Sahadeo.
It does not matter how strong or weak Mrs Sahadeo's comments, that's who everyone was waiting to hear from, so you should have started your story with her admonishing the government, then move to the economist to bring balance to the piece.

Well you have one more night to get it right, and we will follow up your piece on the poor people in Trinidad on Wednesday evening.