Saturday, June 7, 2008


Here's a plug for Barack Obama.

"Kudos to Obama for not only making history but for making people believe in upstanding committed leaders again. Obama is just inspiring to many different people, in many different ways.

"Hillary, for all her experience and demonstrated record of public service, has exhibited too many flaws in her policy considerations and had too many public gaffes to convince people she is the better candidate. As a woman, it would be tremendous if the USA had a woman President, but for now, HIllary has come up against a better candidate. Talk done.

"Unlike this 2x4 country, I think regular Americans tend to vote on issues and character. Obama seems to be on the humanist side of many issues, and is chock full of character because of his ethnic and social background.

"I hope Hillary doesn't resort to shenanigans to trick Obama into selecting her as his running mate. Personally, I feel he should choose someone else because she will try to usurp his authority and make a case for herself as the frontrunner in 2012 if she becomes veep.

"But Obama, boy, go brave, yes! The rest of the world (ie the developing world), those who know of you, is rooting for you to bring a shiny new face to Washington and a familiar and sanguine demeanour to America."