Monday, June 9, 2008


Here's a response to NN on Hillary Clinton.

"Well "NN" you sound like one of those pundits who hates the Clintons and subtly wants to see Mc Cain elected in November.

"Obama is a flash in a pan, they're using one of our own to screw us, he will still have to follow the dictates of we both know who. For starters I would like to know what he promised those endorsers that were so quick to endorse him a few months ago, and who will be paying the price. It's always the people, not so?

"He is as slimy as any other politician, and nothing he says is new, it's just packaged differently. If you go to church "NN" you would hear a lot of Obama's rhetoric there. He did what pastors do, played on people's emotions.

"Obama's speeches are pieced together, according to the material you read, you would see a lot of his phraseologies else where.

"See the link as an example of what I am talking about...look at the video.

"The time when it was assumed Hillary would be the nominee was is when the full blown coverage of the race began that it mattered and Obama was overlooked by the media, by the time they started investigating him, it was too late.

"Truely, I want him run this race without Hillary as his VP so he could get his **** whipped in November and make room for Hillary in 2012, you can then look out for him in 2012.

"Sometimes we do not see the danger where it's at. Obama could pick someone other than Hillary for his VP and they can assume the position following hopefully not, a sudden plane crash or a bullet that takes him the right place.

"All this can happen without Hillary being there to snatch up the Presidency. Anyone can usurp Obama's role, not Hillary alone, and quite frankly I don't see Michelle Obama letting that happen. She's a bull dog.
I still say Obama stands a better chance of winning with Hillary on the ticket.

"It will anger me if she should campaign for him vigourously and she is not on the ticket. And if that's the case, I hope millions of women are angry enough to stay home on election day.