Wednesday, June 4, 2008


On Monday evening in the 7pm news, Shelly Dass read a story about a little girl who had been assaulted by a man in Chaguanas. However she said the child had been "...touched in appropriate places...". Hmmm. We know what you wanted to say, so next time take your time and read the script carefully.

And tell the person who wrote that script to either choose appropriate footage for the voice over or write it as a copy. There were random shots of people shopping in Chaguanas which had no connection to the story and confused us (and we are betting the rest of your viewers as well).

Then on the scrolling ticker tape for C News, we saw "OWWTU leaders call on T&TEC workers...". As far as we know, it's the Oilfield Workers Trade Union. Not sure what the extra 'W' stands for.

And Odeka Oneil-Seaton looks good with the new haircut. It adds some proportion to her face and upper body. It looks like a more polished version of Shelly's haircut though, but overall it looks good.