Wednesday, June 11, 2008


CNC 3 ran a story in their 7pm newscast on Tuesday about a woman whose family was robbed at gunpoint. We can't remember the name of the reporter, maybe Otto Carrington, but the robbery victim was Marsha Dhanessar. She said the bandits covered her head with a towel while they beat her husband.
Well the reporter gave us a shot of the woman with a red towel covering her face, since apparently she did not want to be identified, then used a voice interview from her over that still shot. Eh?

Then to top it all off, she allowed the cameramen, video and still, to stage some pictures of her little son, maybe 4 years old, all the while she was hiding behind the child and turning her head away while sitting next to an older woman.
That shot of her holding up her son actually reminded us of a bandit using a child as a human shield.
Why would she allow her defenseless son to be identified while cowardly hiding behind him?