Thursday, June 12, 2008


IETV's lead story was that Stephenson Williams is tipped to be named as the new Police Commissioner tomorrow.

They also had the story of the 13 year old girl who was found "resting comfortably" at the home of a teenaged boy near her home. Melissa Williams told us the girl was being interviewed by the police with a view to whether she should be charged with wasting police time.

CNC 3 on the other hand said she was found and taken to hospital for treatment. They said there was no word on whether a ransom was paid, but IE said the family could not raise a ransom. CNC did not mention anything about the girl 'resting comfortably'.

And Gary Hunt's generous offer to waive rental fees for the National Stadium if Jack Warner waives ticket fees was the lead sport story. CNMG, TV6 and CNC 3 all had responses from Jack Warner (CNMG and TV6 reached him by telephone in Nigeria), while CNC had a graphic of what Mr Warner said. But Nadine Hackett of IETV did not provide us with any response from the TTFF or Mr Warner, who described the offer as "idiocy" and said "Thank you minister, but no thanks".

We are still trying to make up our minds about CNMG's new sports reader. Maybe he will grow on us. BTW, what happened to Robert Dumas?
And Joel Villafana of TV6, please either sit up or unbutton your jacket. Unfortunately we are seeing what looks like man boobs.
Take a look at the tape.