Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The kudos are rare these days, but we have to give credit where it's due: Peter Christopher and Anna Ramdass, that piece titled "Cops in ATM theft" in the Wednesday Express was well written. We didn't have a single question about it.
Well, just a tiny oversight on your part - you left out the 'g' in bringing, at the end of the story, but we'll forgive you. Nice story.

And none of these cops would admit to special treatment for their colleagues.
Let's see if they try to get them into the court through a back door with their heads covered so the media can't get shots of them, as has been done in the past for other rogue officers.
Well guys, do your homework. Check with your photographers to see if they have any old photos of any of those guys, so even if you miss them in court, the public will still be able to identify them, because they always make it easy for us to identify whom they consider to be the 'real' criminals.