Monday, June 23, 2008


Well clearly there are divergent views on the new face of the Trinidad Guardian.

"This is in response to PH's comments on my earlier post"

"Hi PH,

"Did you read all the posts? See the initial post "New Look Guardian" (Thursday June 12) in which the T&T Guardian print edition and the U.K. Guardian are compared. So I think you need to get your facts straight.

"As for the comparison between the guardian online and, again there is no comparison. I saw the T&T guardian testing site when it was up briefly a couple weeks ago. It's an off-the-shelf product from PHP Cow. They're basically using a Washington Post template and customising it a bit. It looked sloppy.

"You assert that "the new online design for the Guardian Newspaper looks like a Guardian UK finish." Do you know anything about web site design?

"You cannot compare a bespoke, brilliantly designed site like -- one of the best designed news web sites around -- to the T&T Guardian's new site. It's simple flattery to suggest that these two sites are in the same league.