Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OK 'First Up' news producer, the Police Commissioner made an interesting speech.
Which we all saw in the C News 7 o'clock newscast last night.
So why at 6AM and 6.30AM Wednesday are you running that story as your lead when Barack Obama has made HISTORY as the first African-American to be nominated to lead a major political party in the US into general elections??
This should have been your lead story even if Hillary Clinton had won the nomination, because both make history.
This kind of story comes along once in a lifetime, so you can't just go with the flow and leave the story for way down in your international segment.

You do your viewers a disservice. Suppose they did not see the international news overnight and the only station they chose to look at this morning was yours? They would have had to wait at least ten minutes for your news reader to get to that story, when that should have been the first thing to greet them.
Do you understand what 'news' means? It's not rehashing old stuff first then throwing in the new for some variety!

Kudos TV6 and CNC 3 producers for having the common sense to lead your 6AM newscasts with the story.