Thursday, June 12, 2008


This Obama/Clinton debate will probably rage for the rest of the year. Here's a comment from NN.

"Damn! Bad talk Hillary and off with your head!

"PH, what do you think a Hillarian-cum-Clintonian US President will do for us plebs in the Caribbean? We all thought Clinton the Former was a godsend and what did that get us? Note well that I'm not optimistic about a swift change of policy as regards the Caribbean if Obama wins the race. How America treats its stray dogs won't change unless the dogs start to bite, if not leggo a lil growl, not whine helplessly in front of master and beg for some scraps.

"I was raised by a feminist and have become one myself over time and therefore understand the immense possibilities for women in politics Hillary presented with her campaign. But yuh cyah put a woman for being a woman sake. Hillary would have to have demonstrated that she brought qualities and policies that will sustain and propel the US along a certain path, not maintain the status quo and fulfil the destiny of what some call the Clinton dynasty. She's a better-than-average politician, and earned a great deal of respect and votes as a result. If she's meant to be in White House, she will be. But the better candidate won. Punto final."