Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Kudos to CNC 3 and TV6 for surprising their viewers with those soundbites from the Prime Minister at the top of their newscasts. The PM was not mentioned in the headlines, but there he was. The producers were probably trying to scoop each other by using Mr Manning so high up.

But we have to give it to CNC, which used the better soundbite. We actually understood what Mr manning was talking about and said in response to a question on the army lock down in Richplain, Diego Martin. It was a bit long, but it did the job.
Unfortunately though the soundbite TV6 used was about 7 seconds long, so by the time we started hearing what Mr Manning was saying, he was done and we were like, What? What did he say?

CNC also had a good mix of stories....the terror suspects being extradited, a recap of the entire issue from the day the story broke last year, as well as an interview with the daughter of the lone Trini suspect. They also expanded on the Richplain lock down by getting what seemed like an exclusive interview with senior police officers on the scene who were meeting with army officials, as well as the court appearance of one of the main suspects in the murder of the army corporal.

TV6's stories were very short and did not have the depth either in the writing or the producing of the segments as CNC, at least not on this occasion.
The bright spot was Keisha David's stand up for her story on crime in central Trinidad. However she faltered in the script after the stand up when we heard her say the woman "...had her grandson snatched..." from outside their house or shop.
Well that suggested that the woman was in collusion with the kidnappers. Why not just say her grandson was kidnapped or grabbed outside the shop/house?

And one more thing. A few nights ago, Sampson Nanton was reading either the 8pm or 9pm newscast on CNC when he introduced a sport story on the world number one tennis champion Ana "Iva-no-vick" (that was his pronunciation).
Well Sampson her name is spelt Ivanovic and pronounced (correctly by Roger Sant) as "Iva-no-vitch".