Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We haven't had to address the issue of poor spelling on the CNC Early Morning Show in a long time, but they had quite a few today.

"'Demonic' prostitutes gets 20 years each..."; "Slain solider laid to rest..."; "Sport: Gayle returns as Windies go after Austrailia...";
Maybe the CG/CP Operator woke up a bit too early.

And Keith, why do you have to give that long boring monologue about all kinds of things such as people should take their medication, and turn up the volume on the tv before you went to the Guardian headlines? Steups. Too much talking.

And your first guest Brigadier Carl Alphonso was on the telephone, but we did not see a photo of him. Doesn't your newsroom have any video of the Brigadier? And the Guardian doesn't have any pictures of him either?