Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sampson Nanton, what is "lym-foamia"?
That's how you pronounced the ailment which veteran businessman AA Laquis succumbed to.
As far as Media Watch is aware, it's 'lymphoma'.

And the former T&T National football coach's name is pronounced 'la fore-ray', NOT 'la forest' as it's spelt.

And Karen Cozier-Phillip of TV6 pronounced the name of one of the EMT's in that story on the launch of a new emergency hotline number as Warren "Wilt-shyer" (spelt Wiltshire).
As far as we are aware, it's pronounced "Wilt-sha".
That story was used at 7pm and 10pm. So no one picked that up at 7pm?

And where are your station's other reporters? We heard your voice on three packages at 10pm, and the newscast is only half an hour.