Friday, June 20, 2008


The Guardian's Anika Gumbs-Sandiford has a story titled 'Crash claims life of comrade' in the Friday edition.
"Steve Joakhim Mitchell, 50, Labour Relations Officer I, attached to the San Fernando branch (of the NUGFW) for the past nine years, was killed instantly when a truck collided with a Princes Town maxi taxi along Manahambre Road.....Mitchell, a father of three, was a back-seat passenger in the maxi taxi."

Yet the Newsday has the same story titled 'Killed by flying wood', but the circumstances of Mr Mitchell's death are completely different (there is no byline).
"Mitchell was sitting in the front seat of a maxi taxi heading for Fyzabad when a piece of wood from a truck travelling alongside the maxi became loose, hitting Mitchell in the face. Mitchell was a NUGFW member for the past 15 years."

And Nikita Braxton of the Express has a similar version to that of the Newsday, in her story titled 'Wood from truck crushes man in maxi'.
"A plank of wood on a three-tonne truck became detached from the rope which held it to the vehicle and smashed into the windscreen of the maxi taxi in which Mitchell was a front seat passenger, police said. Mitchell's face was crushed by the wood, police added."