Monday, June 30, 2008


It seems the Guardian's Cherisse Moe wrote her piece on the Chris Brown concert more from the standpoint of a fan than an objective journalist covering an entertainment event.
"Fantastic! That’s the only word to describe Saturday evening’s much-anticipated Chris Brown concert."

Well Cherisse, your enthusiasm should have dampened enough for you to give your readers correct information about your idol. You wrote "Thousands of enthusiastic young fans braved the inclement weather to take in the many moves and sounds of the dynamic Grammy-award-winning artiste."
Sorry to break it to you, but Mr Brown has not won any Grammy awards, but has been nominated three times (see the bottom of the page under 'Awards and nominations').
Clearly you didn't pay attention to the ads for the concert. The announcer said over and over again that he had won many BET and MTV Video Music Awards, but no mention was made of Grammy Awards.
Hmmmm. Maybe your editor is a Chris Brown fan as well.

PS Check out Wayne Bowman's piece in the Express, titled 'Chris keeps it clean'.
Also take a look at Verdel Bishop's piece in the Newsday titled 'Talented Chris Brown'.
Your job as the reporter is to objectively tell your reader about an event.