Thursday, June 12, 2008


And here's round 8 in the debate.

"NN, your facade is just that, a facade, you try to come across as someone that has veneer, but like your leader Obama, I smell something phony.

"And thanks for the insult, but I am not supporting Hillary because she is a woman, surely I am of more substance than that, I am supporting her because she is a better candidate with better policies.
Clearly you are supporting Obama because he is black. But he won't be able to influence a change in fuel and food prices like Hillary would.

"Well I got news for you, he is a puppet on a huge string that will do nothing more for black people nor the Caribbean, he will be taking instructions like you never know it, and if there is one reason I'd like to see him become President, is to prove my point and watch chins like yours touch the ground.

"Get it through your head and stop listening to the pundits, Obama is an empty suit. His speeches are pieced together, they are not his words, he is a fake and a phony.
He will crash and burn.

"Hillary for President - 2012"