Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Radhica Sookraj wrote a story in the Guardian (new-look hard copy, old-look webpage) about the "secret" marriage of two cousins, and the man's body being found inside his car.

But the marriage really was not secret because the man's father knew about it!

"Dino’s father Richard Dino....said he was the one who witnessed the marriage.
Richard said Dino had fallen in love with his cousin and wanted to marry her.
“They were happy until the family started to get involved. They were happy. I wanted them to be happy,” Richard said.
He said he never knew whether the couple had problems."

Miss Sookraj, we read the entire story twice hoping to find even one sentence where you said you asked the father why he supported his son marrying his cousin. But we didn't find it.
Did it even cross your mind to ask that question??

And while Miss Sookraj told us the young man's cousin/wife did not want to be identified, unfortunately for her, the Newsday has a photo of her after she fainted near the site where her husband's body was recovered.

But the Newsday's South Bureau did not have the information about the "secret" marriage, they just treated Mr Dinnoo's (Newsday spelling) death as just another murder.
"THE body of a 23-year-old man was found yesterday in a Petrotrin dam inside a car."