Friday, June 13, 2008


Here's a response to Sandra on CNMG's losses.


"In response to Sandra's reply to my earlier comment on CNMG's losses:

"My question about what CNC3 is doing that CNMG isn't sarcastic at all. And it is a fair analysis. In fact, Sandra, you have by your response done exactly what I had hoped the reporter would have done. That is, the reporter should have explained the difficult advertising environment and, in comparing the two new stations, highlight the fact that CNC3 is shielded somewhat from adverse market conditions by serving as an advertising vehicle for the ANSA McAL Group.

"In other words, what I was looking for is context, the type of context you would get in a similar story were it reported in the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal or other business publication where the reporters know what they're talking about, understand the media industry as a whole and understand how to compare financial performance.

"You say: "CNC3's salaries are also much lower than CNMG's, ask their staff members they'll tell you." Great, because I would really have liked for the reporter to tell us what those salaries are, so that readers could make an informed comparison of the two stations.

"So like you I too say, "come on reporter, get busy!"