Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's interesting that members of the media made much ado about Martin Joseph's 'Tongue slip'.
This piece in the Friday Express was written by Anna Ramdass.

"For his new word "arrestses", Joseph now joins the ranks of former Education Minister Hazel Manning for her unforgettable "breakfasts-es" and also former Education Minster Adesh Nanan for his famous pronunciation of the word paradigm (para-dig-im)."

And in the Friday 7pm news on CNC 3, Sampson Nanton also took the minister to task with the exact same story, in a type of "Things that make you go huh?", CNC 3 style.

So with this insight and scrutiny, we hope none of you will be upset when we step on your toes for making the same mistakes, or send us any more death threats.