Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What is the last name of the young woman who was kidnapped?
Is it Bissoondatt as told to us by Gyasi Gonzales of the Express, or is it Bissoondath as told to us by Andre Bagoo of the Newsday?
And again, they both (we assume) went to the same court and listened to the same proceedings. So at any point did either one of them go to one of the lawyers to figure out how to correctly spell the young woman's name???

Then relating to the charges, Mr Gonzales tells us "The first alleged "that on June 22, by way of negotiation", she demanded a ransom from Brian Bissoondatt (Avita's father) for the release of Avita.".
But Mr Bagoo tells us "They further allege that on the next day, June 22, Ramcharan “by way of negotiation” demanded a ransom from Brian Bissoondath, an uncle of Avita, for her safe release."

And the Guardian's David Thurton tells us
"Bissoondath is the daughter of attorney Darin Bissoondath,...".

If anyone can clearly tell us whether Brian B. or Darin B. is Avita's father or uncle, please email us at d.martine6@gmail.com
This is real nonsense!

Maybe your subs should start communicating with each other to make sure they all print the same version of the same stories!