Monday, July 7, 2008


Well the hype has died down over the 'revelations' which were supposed to be made by Snr. Supt. Stephen Williams today following his meetings with PM Manning.
Today he said the meetings were strictly confidential so he could not reveal any details. The salivating members of the media were probably seriously deflated.

Anyhow at noon the media houses were reporting that he was revealing all, but at 7pm, their focus changed to mutual support between Mr Williams and James Philbert (TV6 & CNMG), and CNC 3 reported that Mr Williams was refuting Colm Imbert's statement that the PSC's selection process was flawed.

PS Sampson Nanton of CNC, the flour company is Nutrimix not Nutramix.
You went to a press conference with VP Ronnie Mohammed and didn't get the correct spelling of his company's name? Steups!