Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Haven't we said this before? See 'Rum and Roti Football'.

"As I scroll through the sportscast on the major stations, I am reminded of a pet peeve with television media in T&T.
With all the money being spent in sport locally, why can't there be some spillover in terms of sport journalism and broadcasting? It's pitiful and sad that football coverage only benefits from one angle (high up in the stands). I know sports departments are woefully understaffed and under-resourced but that needs to change. Let's try to step up in this department too nah! This is a reflection of our development in sport as a country too. I don't want to discourage the guys (and too few gals) in the sports departments across the media landscape but we can do better.

"I think I want to add national U-19 cricket coach, Larry Gomes in the bunch that goes to voice/media training. Oh gorm Larry! Try and execute at least one sentence without tripping up nah! I now understand why certain cricketers or athletes weren't given the opportunity to speak back in the day. And now we know why...they were brilliant as they were on the field of play, but they sound so illiterate in retirement!
And we need to do give frequent reminders to young sportsmen about the country they represent. You're not playing for 'Trinidad', Adrian Bharath, it's Trinidad and Tobago. Steupsss!"