Wednesday, July 23, 2008


And the comments keep coming. This one is from media trini.

"As a media practitioner I would hardly comment on co-media workers but Sasha's attempted "interview" with the Minister deserves comment on several issues. I viewed the clip repeatedly and found several areas of focus.
(i) the minister kept referring to the CCN feature on health. Sasha, if you went free-nilly reporting on the health industry and thought you'd get away without checking, double-checking and triple-checking your facts, my dear it will always return to bite you in the rear.

"(ii) Sasha, he was on your turf. Not for one minute did you or your producer act to control the interview. The minister was given free reign to say whatever he wanted and Sasha's feeble attempts to stop him clearly showed up her terrible skills as a reporter in any case. You needed to be firm and demand direct answers. More importantly, the fact that she couldn't even counter with anything solid, leaves us wondering if we should ever have had any confidence in her "facts" in the feature in the first place.

"(iii) Sasha began to slump and write absolutely nothing during the interview, her body language showing total weakness as an interviewer, totally intimidated.
I must say it is the worst interview I have ever seen on television.
Shame on Sasha and shame on TV6."