Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Some more advice for Miss Mohammed.

"Well Sasha you always wanted to make it BIG! It appears you have accomplished that with the help of YouTube. If it be any comfort for you Sasha, you can fall back on the saying that a "reporter is only as good as their last story" --- this may not be feeble in this case to which you now have an opportunity to redeem yourself as I know you would.

"Pray too many people overseas do not find this Media Watch site Sasha, or the responses will be flooding in as I know it is on other blogs and chat forums.

"This joke is really not to be laughed at, as it reflects bad on journalism in the Caribbean and especially Trinidad and Tobago, not to mention it mirrors badly on those of us who pride ourselves as good reporters and those of us aspiring to be good at this period.

"But we must know our strengths and what we are ready for. I guess this is why "NN" is upset with Narace, because she/he understands that this ordeal makes the media fraternity look bad.

"In the end, the reporter is duty bound to take charge of his or her set and interviewee...Sasha if anything I hope you have learned to pop an embarrassing question - the next time you meet a situation like that, but you must first know what that question would be.

"Next time do not give an interviewee at that level the opportunity to express concerns at the beginning of an interview Sasha, you will set yourself up. Always start with a question, and an unsettling one. Be prepared always."