Friday, July 4, 2008


Here's one more comment, from the second paragraph, about Odeka Oneil-Seaton's recent hosting of The Big Story.

"Interesting story from newsday today about lotto fraud. Not sure if it was front page material...but interesting.
Agree with u all on the cnc mistake with odeka and big story. mariano browne was the ideal man that night to interview, but it was so badly done! I heard shelly is sick, but putting odeka there did nothing for odeka. Nice enough face, but we gotta get some savvy there. Its like cnmg putting wendell constantine, (glorified m-c) to replace julian rogers.Come on cnc, ur disappointing me."

Actually we disagree with you. There was nothing wrong with the interview itself.
Odeka had the right guest, the set was the same, she asked decent questions. The only problem was that she probably did not have enough time to prepare herself. That can't be her fault. The economy is a big subject. If she had been told she would be hosting this interview several days earlier she probably would have aced it, but it seems that she was probably asked to host the show very late on the same day when it became apparent that Miss Dass would be a no-show for whatever reason.

But what happened to Anthony Wilson, the Guardian's Business Editor? Why didn't Odeka's boss Rosemarie Sant ask him to host the show?
The fault therefore lies with Mrs. Sant, who had the ultimate say in who would host the show. And Mrs Sant, you also don't want to give the impression that Miss Dass is indispensable. No one in the media is.
Well Odeka, next time take this piece of advice: just say NO! Don't let them put you in that uncomfortable position again, since you will be the one with egg on your face.