Monday, July 7, 2008


CNC 3's Satesh Mahabir reported on the Lumen Awards for CNC's 7pm newscast.
One of the best soundbites he used from the chief judge, veteran journalist Jones P. Madeira was that he was concerned about "What happened to who, what, when, where, why and how?" in local media reporting.
Maybe they are on extended vacation?
Mr Madeira also said the news stories could have been much better, and that the mere regurgitation of information from the internet was not good enough.
Satesh told us that there were no entries for radio.

Mr Madeira also said something very interesting, that "If in this business one fails to appreciate constructive comments, then one fails tremendously in understanding his or her role as residents in the estate of mass communication."
Something we have been saying all along, for those who don't like our comments.
Maybe we can inveigle Mr Madeira to be a guest commentator.

Anyway, at the end of his report, Satesh said awards were handed out for print and television. Full stop, with just a shot of the awards lined up on a table.
He did not give us any results, nor did we see any awards being presented to any winners (although we saw lots of reporters sitting in the audience), falling into the trap of exactly what Mr Madeira said...WHO won??? And for WHAT categories??? And WHY???

Miss Ramkissoon, when are you going to bring Mr Madeira and Mr Fraser back on your morning show?
We wait with bated breath.

Among the members of the audience at the awards we saw WIN TV's Sunil Ramdeen.
What is going on with WIN these days, Sunil? Is there any forward movement?
Do you have any additional staff?