Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here's an interesting comment/suggestion from NN for reporters concerning the local government elections.

"I'm issuing a plea to an investigative or other journalists who like to have a leg up on national issues.
The Ministry of Local Government is having consultations in the marish and parish discussing serious issues about local governance. It would be nice to hear the conversations taking place during these consultations, and a look at who in the respective communities is actually participating. Can we have a few stories about local government - how it works and how it doesn't, what people expect as far as service delivery, and what they should expect?

"Maybe this will help when local government elections come around and media houses are frantically fishing for weak and pointless minutiae to tell us about. Such an initiative would help put your election coverage in perfect perspective on issues and, if stories air before the consultations are done, should add to and inform the public debate on the issues."