Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Here's one for CNC 3, TV6 and CNMG.

"TV6 if you want to remain competitive please up the strength on your signal. That's why you have a National License. The days for climbing the house to put up an antenna done. If there is one sure way CNC3 can whip everybody, that is if Rosemarie Sant is serious about holding on to her staff, is to come more powerful than everybody in their re-launch later this year, having attained a National License.

"CNMG your signal is weakening, please stay at the top of the game. You have a solid non cable audience because people can pick you up much clearer...this is where CNC3 will have to attempt to do better. TV6 you playing the fool, is not now all yuh TV showing scratchy. Telling people thanks for choosing your news is not enough. Up your standards, and please do your audience justice with your National License.

"And Rosemarie Sant over at CNC3 what's up with you this year? So far from early in the year you have lost four employees, three of them very solid reporters in the industry.

"First we missed Kimberly Mc Khan sometime around February, later it was known that she resigned after a squabble with you Rose, then one month later, in March Marcia Braveboy seem to have disappeared. I was told due to another squabble of a different kind with you again Rose - she too resigned. More recently the voice of your Young or Junior reporter Jamilia Constance also disappeared, again I was reliably informed she resigned a few weeks ago after a scuffle of words between you and herself Rose --- and finally the whole town knows by now that Neil Beekhee resigned and is moving to a man he may not have had a fight with you Rose, but clearly something got to him.

"Well, well, well, Mrs. Sant, the problem cannot be with all these employees, you need to do some introspection Rosemarie, long before you frustrate your self out of CNC3 as well.

"So Rosemarie, now that the town is buzzing about the relaunch of the mighty CNC3, what kind of material are you really relaunching with? Minus your obvious better employees who kissed your newsroom goodbye, will your audience now be subjected to Samuel Mc Knight and Otto Carrington? Who else is there Rose? Please do not subject us to your presenters voicing stories Rosemarie, that's not good business.

"Well I certainly will be looking out for your plan B Rosemarie, and if it entails bringing in new staff, I will Pray in earnest that you manage to keep them."